our visa

As long time readers will know, we’re trying to get a visa so I can permanently emigrate back to Melbourne.
The city stole my heart and then I met Zac and it all just seemed to make sense, that Melbourne was home.

It’s a long process, largely held up by procedure, waiting for checks and evidence and having to become your own P.I. but we’ve been helped by a wonderful company called Let’s Go Global, who thus far have been invaluable in helping us to make Melbourne become a reality.

Below I’ve linked to all the posts relating to the visa process. But more than that, I’ve been working with them to write a blog for people going through the same process.
The biggest thing I found was there was no real information online, no step by step guide with waiting times from someone who had been through the process. It was all a very generalised wishy washy overview of the process, whereas I wanted specifics.
Well…here you go!

We’re not expecting to provide a definitive guide to a Partner Visa application, but we do at least hope that by reading and keeping up with our experience ‘real time’ we can help reassure others in the same situation!

Key Links
Police Checks
Personal Statements