taking a trip down memory lane

I’ve been taking a brief hiatus from Facebook.
I’m on and off with Facebook.
It’s a love hate relationship.
I love being able to keep in touch with everyone at the click of a mouse, a lazy like or generic update.
I hate how impersonal it feels and I miss talking to everyone properly.

But I logged back in today and was greeted with my memories from 2 years ago.
Our road trip to Apollo Bay.
Our first holiday together – not without our usual elements of slight disaster.
Such a wonderful trip, I’m left longing for a mini adventure, some time together, phones away, off the grid, just us.
It feels like we’ve been so busy.


Panoramic catching sunset at the 12 Apostles

I remember Zac was applying for his visa while we were on our trip.
We were putting the finishing touches to our return back to England.
I couldn’t believe it was really happening.
Everything was still so new between us, but nothing felt more natural than sitting in the car park at Split Point Lighthouse talking about when he was going to buy his flights, and all the things we were going to do in England.

We didn’t manage to check in to our original accommodation because Zac was so keen to get us to the 12 Apostles for sunset that we skipped on lunch, I was hangry and tired and by the time we pulled up to the holiday park it was dark.
We couldn’t find the key to get in so frantically jumped on to Booking.com and found a room in a hotel just down the road.
We got chips, and I think pizza, turned the electric blankets up and snuggled.
The next day, I got to see just how beautiful Apollo Bay was; we strolled along the beach and had pancakes for breakfast.


Morning walks along the beach; a beautiful sunny September, a far cry from this years weather!

As we drove through Otway National Park to find Otway Fly for our treetop adventure, we stumbled upon what we thought was a wombat, but turned out to be a koala. As we slowly pulled up and tried to encourage him off the road, he stopped and gave us the creepiest slow head turn. We snapped a quick photo and got back on the road again before we were mauled by him!


My first encounter with wild Australian nature 

The Otway Fly rooftop adventure was such a highlight. I loved whizzing around the trees with Zac, being wobbly and trying not to laugh too much when he pretended to push me off the edge.

Wandering around the forest felt like wandering around the woods in England. I was filled with so much excitement for our adventures to come. I couldn’t wait to show him all these places I’d grown up, share the English countryside with him, the differences in landscape and of course the similarities.


It was thiiiiiiiiis biiiig…

My hair was so blonde.
I’d got a bit of colour and not a care in the world.
Two years later and our priorities have changed. We have a few more cares these days, but we’re muddling through together.
I’m remembering to try and not take everything too seriously.


I can’t wait for the sun to start shining again.
To sit out on the balcony with my coffee in the morning, feel the sun kissing my skin, while I munch on my toast.
Get a bit of colour while I’m enjoying a book as the day is winding down.


Next weekend we both have off, I’m going to suggest we try and go back to Apollo Bay.
Plan our days a little more efficiently, pack a picnic and ignore the rest of the world for a few days.
Take my camera and start playing around with it again: there was a point where I was semi-average at taking photos and we’re on a mission to fill our house with canvases and prints from our travels.

So much has changed in the past two years, not least of which my hair.
I’m working on ‘me’ right now, and I’m not entirely enjoying the ride, but when I look at how much we’ve done, how far we’ve come (figuratively and literally) I’m so proud of myself. There have been dark times, moments when I never thought I’d claw my way out of despair, but through it all, Zac’s been there with his petulant optimism, a stern word and a long cuddle.
I can’t imagine my life without him, and I don’t want to. I’m just happy that I’ve always got Zac by my side.
For better or worse.



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