happy birthday to meeee

It’s strange to think how much has changed in a year.
I always find milestones like birthday’s and anniversaries really put everything in to perspective.

This time last year we were in Bangkok.
We were about to get a bus to Cambodia on the worst land border crossing of our lives.
I had no idea if I was allowed back to Australia at the end of our travels. There was so much uncertainty, and while we loved every tumultuous second of our time in South East Asia, it was always just a means to an end. An thrilling, liberating escape from the heartbreaking reality my visa wasn’t looking like it would arrive before our trip came to a conclusion.

This year, I spent the day with my Aussie family, playing with the kids on the park, gossiping with Tash, eating chocolate cake with the little ones and then giggling in to our margaritas at Taco Bill.sunshine, coffee, cuddles and catch ups

I woke up to a rather sleepy Zac, spooning me and singing Happy Birthday, as I wiggled my bum around trying to dance without having to properly wake up.
We cuddled for as long as we could before Zac had to get up and get ready for work.
Mama K had messaged her birthday wishes while we were sleeping and so as soon as I was awake enough, I opened up FaceTime and was greeted by a second serenade of ‘Happy Birthday’ .

We chatted for a good few hours, it had been over a week since we’d managed to have a proper chat, between our work schedule, the time difference and Mum’s burgeoning social life now she’s retired.
With my coffee in hand, I sent Zac off to work and set about getting ready for my day: first call of order was brunch!

only slightly sad.

I was meeting Stef for brunch, a haphazard plan with the most concrete idea being she’d head over to ours first thing, and we’d decide from there was the plan was going to be.
I’d invited Tiana in the week, as well, but given plans were up in the air (and she lives so close), I was waiting until Stef got here before I texted her with a rendezvous.

I think, truthfully, I was also reluctant to make any concrete plans in case people couldn’t come, and after being stood up and ghosted by Emily the day before, I wasn’t keen for a repeat on the actual day.

As the hours ticked by, and I was getting radio silence from Stef, I realised, with a sag of my shoulders the same thing had happened again.
I busied myself with cleaning the kitchen, looking through my cookbooks for something exciting I could bake, getting all those banal chores done to busy away the disappointment.
But I very quickly ran out of things to do and eventually sat myself down in the corner of the sofa, promising myself I wouldn’t cry.

I found the card that Lorna had posted and tore it open.
I giggled, nothing I love more than a good pun, and put it up on the TV cabinet.
Just as I was dramatically thinking I should write off the whole day, and concentrate on enjoying my evening with Zac, Mama G called. She was driving past ours after work and did I want to come and hang out with her, Tash and the kids.

Did I ever.

chugga chugga.

The house was eerily quiet when we got back. I peeked around every corner, waiting to be set on by children, but they hadn’t got back yet.
I took the opportunity to get a comfy spot in the armchair and cuddled up under the blanket.

Tash arrived home and as the kids poured in one by one I felt better with each hug and “Happy Birthday Becky”
She’d come packing chicken and cake. Chocolate cake.
I blew out my candles, with some help from Jazzy and Hailie and after destroying Mama’s house (guest star being Shayla, who was running around with hands full of chocolatey crumbs) we made a hasty escape to the train park.

I had fun playing jailbreak with the big kids, pushing the little ones on the swing and helping Shalya as she tried to run up the slide, her skirt getting in the way.
Hearing my name cried from every direction made me smile.
We headed back to Mama G’s for ice cream and all snuggled up on the sofa to watch Aladdin.


After Tash had dropped me home, I’d busied myself baking cookies and trying to make a start on a cheesecake.
I learnt two things from that exercise, as my cookies came out half as thin as they should have been and twice as big.
1: our oven doesn’t heat evenly.
2: I have no idea what size a walnut is.

I heard a knock on the door, and expecting Nicole (our neighbour) I shouted at her to come in.
When I heard a bit of a scuffle and some more knocking, I realised it was Zac, and with tray of cookies I’d just pulled out of the oven  I opened the door to find Zac there with the most beautiful bouquet of roses.
A few minutes later, Nicole arrived with some lilies and a bottle of wine and as I poured us a glass and set about putting my flowers in water, all was right with the world.

I don’t know why I love Mexican food so much, but with the opening of a Taco Bill within walking distance of the flat it seemed only natural that we’d be conducting our maiden expedition on my birthday.
We had a wonderful feast, Zac was only slightly twitchy to get back home as there was a big game of footy on that he wanted to watch, and after he’d wolfed down his nachos he pulled out his card and left it on the table with the instruction to enjoy ourselves.
He scurried off home, and we were left to enjoy our frozen margaritas.

every fairytale has a happy ending.

During the day, Stef had managed to get in touch, and at 9pm a rather sheepish looking Stef knocked on our door.
Over apologising for the morning’s disaster, she made herself a cup of tea, while I opened her birthday present and tried not to squeal too loudly at the unicorn blanket (with horn and tail) and super soft headband to keep my baby hair in check of an evening.

We bid farewell to Nicole and Steffy made herself comfy in ‘her chair’.
Zac pulled at my clothes, and tried to pull me down to spoon him, but I was too busy trying to catch up so in his sleepy state he settled for back rubs.

I went to bed with a full belly and an even fuller heart.
All in all, I can’t ask for anything more.


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