a&a; caught red handed

While I’ve been settling back in to a routine, getting used to the realities of working full time and allowing myself to feel comfortable feeling uncomfortable, it’s been the little things that have really made me smile and all out belly laugh this week.


We’ve been really good with our food of late. I hate to say ‘good’ – rather what I mean is, there’s been consistency and routine. I’ve enjoyed cooking again and we’re both more than a little enamoured with our new fridge.

That being said, Wednesday nights are kebab nights.
Having spent the past week searching for Skittles, becoming obsessed with finding them, and having no luck, it was a triumphant Zac who came home with Skittles as well after umpiring on Wednesday.

There’s something so fun about cheat night, snuggled up on the sofa, Foxtel blasting cartoons.
I’m not normally a huge fan of sweeties, and as I lay in Zac’s lap and asked him to feed me a few more Skittles, I teased…
“If only these were dark chocolate Maltesers, that would have been nice. Some dark chocolate Maltesers.”
Naturally I got the response that if I didn’t like them, I didn’t have to eat them.

I’d had Thursday and Friday off and Zac was Facetiming me on his lunch break to ask if I could get some bits ready for him so he’d be a bit quicker at the gym.
He then said: “Oh! And put my Skittles on the bench so I don’t forget to have some before gym. And don’t eat any!”

We hang up, he calls me back 2 or 3 minutes later, and I pick up, trying to look busy.
“Boodle, what’s in your mouth. What are you eating? BOODLE YOU’RE EATING MY SKITTLES!”
Caught red handed.
We both started laughing uncontrollably, and I tried to utter a pathetic excuse before just giving in and accepting his mock rage.


My uniform arrived this week, which, trivial as it may sound, really made me feel like I was finally part of the team.
Generally speaking, I hate wearing my own clothes to work – unless of course we’ve got a mufti day, or there’s a reason for it.
I feel so much smarter when I have a uniform, and it cuts down my getting ready time in the morning by at least 15 minutes.

Even more exciting was the fact I’d ordered a coat, so no more doubling up on jumpers and gilet to try and keep warm in the deceptively cold Australian winter.
AAAAAND, my work shirts are ‘boob proof’ with a secret inside button to help keep everything together.
I daresay that button is going to have to work quite hard, but I’m so glad it’s there.

In fact, I was so excited about getting my new uniform (and wearing it for the first time) I made a boomerang.


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