two, big secrets.

I remember writing the blog post last year, for our one year anniversary.
I remember thinking: how have we only been together for 365 calendar days, when I’m sure I’ve known Zac my whole life.
At that stage, we’d just began the visa process.

This year has felt so long, and yet it’s flown by in a whirlwind of adventure and excitement and we mark our 2 year anniversary with two very big secrets.
Badly kept secrets, granted, but I’m so excited to finally be able to share them.

Can you guess what it is yet?

January, Zac asked me to marry him.

On the back steps of Mama G’s house, tangled up in the laundry, I made him pinky promise he was being true and I cried as I nodded and said yes.

April, we stopped holding our breath.

In a social media mix up you couldn’t script, I accidentally told Zac the news, and as we sat in Crave, he made me pinky promise I was being true and we cried as we hugged each other.

May, I finally came home.

I’m writing this from my same old spot on the sofa in Mama G’s front room, but it’s a different cat curled up on my lap.

I’ve woken myself up at stupid o’ clock the past few days, just so excited that he’s there.
Snuggled in to his back and ignored the pins and needles in my arm that tell me to roll back over.
I’ve already had a migraine, and he’s nursed me as best he can with back rubs and head rubs and deep fried mozzarella sticks (for some reason a migraine come down always ends with fried food for me).

It is Autumn in Melbourne, the season of change.
I don’t remember Autumn being so beautiful before, perhaps that’s simply because I was in the wrong place, or perhaps I was just taking Melbourne for granted.
But is is beautiful.
Outside the house I can see a maple, with bright red leafs, not quite ready to drop.
The drive out of our estate looks a little like this…


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