a&a; a cracking easter weekend

Coffee in one hand, my bed feels a little bigger and my room a lot tidier with Zac come and gone in a whirlwind few days, but I can’t wipe the smile off my face just yet.
My Easter weekend was incredibly special.


This weekend has been all awesome and the week of waiting leading up to 6am Friday morning all melted away when I saw Zac walk through the gates in the airport.

I’d had a somewhat hairy journey to the airport. The girls next door had been awake in the wee hours, blaring their TV and loudly arguing again so any hope of sleep faded into the night. As I was waiting for the bus, some guy in a yellow car kept driving round the block, pulling up next to me and shouting profanities, asking if I was waiting for my ‘big bad boyfriend’ and being sexually threatening.
Thankfully the bin men were servicing the area and like true gentlemen they stuck around until I was safely on the bus and wouldn’t be troubled any more.

All I wanted to do was throw myself at Zac and get lost in his big strong arms.
I saw him before I realised it was him.
There was a figure coming through the gates, behind a crowd of people and my heart leapt, I hadn’t seen him, but I knew it was him.
I started waving manically and when the figure didn’t wave back, I doubted myself. He just wasn’t looking and as soon as he saw me his face lit up.

The weekend mostly consisted of brunches, drives around Auckland and gratuitous holding of hands.

Just 26 more days until he’s back again…


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