a&a; coffee is m.i.a, but at least i’m winning

I was beginning to think there was a problem with the universe, I hadn’t done anything remotely awkward for weeks, not really.

Aside from the usual walking in to things, spilling things in my bag, knocking over drinks and being a clumsy tit, I’d not done anything that made me laugh out loud in it’s ridiculousness.
Naturally, that could only last for so long…


I’m going to start with the awesome, one because it was so unexpected and two because by next week I’m hoping I’ll have something to show from it.

One of the many wet, miserable days a few weeks ago I’d gone in to Crave for my morning coffee.
Money was still super tight at this point and I was gutted when the day before they’d got my order wrong, and I was convinced that they’d not taken it right today as well.
In need of my morning fix, miserable and just generally feeling gloomy about the prospect of not hitting target, I’d reluctantly filled in a form near the till to win a photo shoot.
Thinking nothing more of it, I grabbed my wrong order and went back home, miserably sipping a sub par coffee.

Last week, amidst the chaos of end of month I got an email from Angela Scott saying that I’d won a photo shoot.
Over the moon, I couldn’t quite believe it was true and quickly got on to Zac to ask if he’d be up for doing a portrait session.

We’re booked in for next weekend and hopefully we’ll have some lovely shots of us together to treasure.
We’ll see if we can both put our awkward aside for long enough to get the photos!


There are two moments that really stick out this week.
The first Wednesday.
I’d decided to be a complete boss and get some life admin out of the way with first thing.

Well…not quite life admin, my nails, eyebrows and hair needed some attention and I wanted to make sure I had time in the morning, so I was up and out ready to get to Henderson for the shops opening.
I’d popped in to Crave to get a coffee, and as the rain had started to fall again, ran across to the station.
My ATHop card needed topping up, so I’d placed my coffee on top of the machine while I did it.

Card topped up, Becky feeling smug, timing my day to perfection I jumped on to the train and sat down, comfy in seat near the window.

I’m sure you’ve already guessed what I’d done.

I looked out of the window in horror as I saw my coffee, still perched on top of the machine, where I’d left it in order to have both hands free to top up.
I ran to the doors and managed to mash the button just in time to get back off the train and retrieve my coffee.
I didn’t have enough time to get back on the train and watched as a carriage of amused commuters stared on at me, chuckling to themselves.

I also managed to shriek in a member’s face as he came around the corner.
In a world of my own, I hadn’t noticed him and the apparition of a person when, to my mind I had a clear route to the toilet startled me.
I then walked in to him again coming the other way and fell in to a fit of giggles en route back to the office.


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