craving brunch.

The quickest and easiest way to work out if we’re going to be friends, for me, is to go to brunch. Either way I’m getting some delicious food out of the equation, so I don’t care if the fledgling relationship is going to crash and burn.
Best case scenario we’re going to hit it off, end up ordering a second or third coffee and rearrange for brunch the next week.

payday means brunch dates.

I’d already splurged some of my first ‘real’ paycheck since getting to Auckland on a cute AF, bright blue manicure, an eyebrow tidy and getting my hair trimmed (my goodness did it need it, my curls are back with full force after having the ends lopped).
But I’d not had brunch, and Molly and I had only been to a spin class together.
A blossoming work friendship, I wanted to see if we could make it to the real world and so arranged to meet at Crave for some morning brunch.


I was surprised to find out Molly had never been to Crave.
We have a cracking cafe on site at work, but Crave is it’s own entity and was the first coffee hole I really found here in Auckland.
It feels like my Mr. Pilgrim.
And it’s my go to for a tentative brunch I know I’ll enjoy.

Too cool for school, enjoying my brunch in my activewear.


you know a brunch date means i’ll be blogging about it later, right?

I’d forewarned Molly I’d be blogging about brunch, partly because I was so excited about the prospect of girly date (since Lewis’ departure, I’ve been strapped for girl time).
Also partly because I’ve not actually reviewed brunch at Crave yet.
Forewarned was not forearmed, and despite looking fine, Molly donned her oversized sunnies and protested in her charming Chicago accent as I tried to snap some candid shots of brunch.

“You look fine!”
“Have you seen my eyebrows?! No. Girl. No. At least this way no one will recognise me.”
“You seem to be mistaking me for Perez Hilton, I think you’ll be safe from celebrity stalkers after featuring on my blog.”

the coffee.

I’d already had a super productive morning using the wifi at Crave, and as Molly arrived, I ordered my third long black of the day.
I love the coffee at Crave.
Deliciously dark, and rich, but it doesn’t leave the overpowering, almost nicotine taste in your mouth that some coffee in New Zealand has.

Although I didn’t enjoy it today, I’ve also had mocha’s from Crave, although in a choice between Almond milk and skinny milk, despite the strange watery taste almond milk takes on when heated, I would have to opt for almond.

the food.

I wouldn’t say it was a mistake going for fungi this time.
The kumara cakes that are served with the brunch are incredible, but it’s not the most aesthetically pleasing dish, and the heirloom tomatoes that Crave also offers are incredible.
But the lady next to me was eating fungi and I was overcome by food envy, and not wanting to be boring and order heirloom tomatoes for the third time.


An ariel shot: we were fortunate to have opted for a table inside as the heavens opened and we were subjected to another Auckland downpour.

The flavour in the mushrooms perfectly complemented the texture of the kumara cakes, and I’m down with any breakfast that includes cheese.
I love rocket – it’s my favourite salad leaf and the peppery taste stood out against the richness of the mushrooms.
It is one of those meals that I got part way through and not exactly regretted, but realised that I’d only wanted because someone else was having it.
I do enjoy mushrooms, but I really have to be in the mood for them. The texture can be a little off putting, sort of squishy and slimy and while I love including them for flavour, I do get bored of them part way through a meal and more often than not end up picking them out of my dinner.
Obviously not an option when your brunch is entirely mushroom based!

Molly’s brunch looked incredible and I think next time I’m in, I’m going to opt for clotted, sans salmon.
It had everything I want from brunch: eggs, avo, pesto and a scattering of rocket.

when your casual brunch turns into a two hour gossip.

I can safely say that Molly passed the brunch test, although having already swapped our shifts so we could spend more time together, I should have known she would.

It’s nice having someone at work, who I feel I can build a lasting friendship with.
We’re in the same situation, in that we’re both travelling, and we both ultimately want to end up in Australia.
She empathises.

Not only do we have a great working relationship (honestly, she’s a dream to work with, sales have never been so nice), but I think we’re going to have a great friendship.


“No, no! You look fine, I think they’re all coming out blurry anyway because my hands are shaking with excitement.”

the bottom line.

I really love coming to Crave.
The staff are super friendly, it’s a great atmosphere and while it’s always busy, you don’t feel like you’re crammed in, there’s still room to breath.
The food is delicious, the sweet treats in the glass cabinet by the till taste as good as they look and the giant warehouse style gives it a really open feel.
It’s the type of place you can while away the hours in while you study, versatile enough to host business meetings and a great place to catch up with friends.

Crave is a collective and you really do get the community feel from this cafe.


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