d.i.y. beauty disaster

Remind me next time I’ve had too much time to think that Pinterest is not gospel.

d.i.y. beauty disaster from Becky K on Vimeo.

I’d been trawling the internet for some tips on growing my hair.
It’s been feeling a little lack lustre of late, and I wanted to give it a nice treatment, and perhaps try and find a routine that would make it grow a little quicker.
What it really needed was a good ol’ trim, but I was hoping I could find something more affordable in the mean time.

I kept coming back to the egg yolk hair mask, and conveniently having all the ingredients I needed for a version of it on hand, I was keen to get stuck in.
Beauty: come at me.

Rather than do all the wonderful things it promised to do (like make my hair feel immediately silky and luscious) I smelt like an unbaked cake and my hair took on the consistency of a meringue.

Despite washing my hair with cold water, so the egg wouldn’t cook in, it was knotted and tangled and it took me nearly 40 minutes with my head under the water to coax all the knots out and finish rinsing off the egg.

The next day my hair was a floofy mess.
Puffed up and fluffy, it looked more damaged than luscious and I couldn’t seem to shake that yolky smell.
Needless to say, I won’t be trying this d.i.y. beauty trick again, in a hurry…


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