a&a; hitting target didn’t make the bon voyage any sweeter.

After what’s felt like a never ending week, I’ve spent most of today in bed, watching Ironfist on Netflix.
Sadly there’s been no chill, and I’ve been unbelievably hungry.
I’ve nearly eaten all my snack and have had to resist going out to buy more (in the form of chocolate).
Thankfully another downpour of torrential rain but paid to any delusions of treats and payday is still far enough away I had to think twice before seeking out another bag of Pods.

Doesn’t mean I’m not still thinking about it though…


I had a rather fraught conversation with Zac at the start of the week.
I’d never missed a target, you see.
Even when I had time off, I still managed to hit my target one way or another, and I just couldn’t see it happening for me this month.
I was freaking out, because a 100% hit rate is a desirable trait if you work in sales and I really wanted to be able to keep sticking my name on it.

Somehow I pulled it off.
Which is usually the overriding feeling in sales: ‘somehow I pulled it off’.
None the less, I was pleased, and despite being given no real training and starting my job in a real baptism of fire – as always seems to be the case – I’ve really landed on my feet.

Fingers crossed it means I have a little more fun money to play with this month.
Which is perfect, and just in time for Zac coming to visit!


This week I had to say goodbye to Lewis.
Not just my regular date and reliable laundry service, he’s a cracking friend and he really has made being in New Zealand so far distinctly bearable.
From converting him to coffee, to random hangs and raunchy nights in, he’s been my constant. Always there with a shoulder to cry on, (metaphorically of course, I’m still a cold hearted bitch who don’t cry for nothing) he’s my sounding board and biggest snap streak in the history of me having snappers.

I’ll miss the sass and the banter.
I’ll miss having someone I can completely be myself around.
I’ll miss our date nights and him cooking me dinner.

He is, however moving on to bigger and better things and I can’t deny him the chance at a really exciting upping of the ante in terms of his career.
For now he’s ditching me for Wellington, but it’s the first steps towards residency for him.
I know how important that is, and I’m just so thrilled that he was brave enough to do it and make the change.

Looking on the bright side: it just means I have another city I have a guaranteed brunch date in.


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