i’m being ditched.

Not that I can complain.
And really I’m not.
I got out, and I’m glad Lewis has too, but selfishly, I don’t really want him to go.

I should back track and explain.
As we all know, I wasn’t having such a good time at the pool I’d started off with in Auckland, and  as we all know, I’ve had a fabulous time settling in to my new job.
I had genuinely forgotten how much I love sales, well, perhaps not sales, gym sales.
I’m in my element; there have been countless times when reception have transferred through a call from ‘a friend of mine’, only for me to realise that it’s one of the members I’ve been talking to.
I’ve really been able to take the time to build relationships with each of the new members I’ve joined and more than at my last gym, I’ve felt comfortable asking questions, sitting down with clients and just talking to them.

It’s obvious to everyone how much happier I am, and not having to sit in damp bathers all day means my hair, nails, and skin are starting to look much better than they did this time a month ago.
I’ve still not quite grown back the skin on my feet, but at least it’s not longer painful to walk around barefoot!
I could see that Lewis was miserable, and I’d been trying to help him find another job, or at least get him to the end of term without a nervous breakdown.

Our Sunday night dates turned in to job hunting exercises and as he’d smash out application after application, I’d sit and play Nibblers, or Family Guy, or watch random videos on Snapchat (all while he documented my internal/external mumblings).
As I turned down the Coordinator job on The North Shore for my gym, he was applying for a similar role in Wellington.
We were hopeful – he was certainly qualified enough – but Auckland council hadn’t been as keen to hire people on working holiday visas.
Nothing ventured, nothing gained, though, eh?
Things happened pretty quickly after that point and in and what felt like a matter of days he’d been to Wellington, aced the interview and had been offered the job.

The pay package is very exciting, he’s on a salary that he’s worth and it comes with all the responsibility we thought we were going to be getting at DGSS.
Plus, because he’s no longer living in Auckland, and the level the job is at, he’s got enough points to apply for his residency.
For Lewis it’s the first step towards an exciting new life and I couldn’t be happier for him.

It was horrible watching him have to suffer through at the pool.
After I’d left, they’d not really replaced me and Lewis was taken for granted.
It was assumed he’d step up to the plate, extra lessons were thrown his way without asking if he’d made plans, without checking if his life was still turning along in the background.
We worked on his resignation letter and I was so happy for him to hand it in and finally get rid of the place.
After me enforcing the ‘3 day rule’, I’d warned him they seemed defensive and surprised that such a clause was in the contract and lo and behold they tried to make him work a 4 week notice.

I’m going to miss our dinner dates, our sass offs and bitch sessions.
I’ll miss playing heads up and shouting out stupid answers like ‘sex on the beach’ or ‘flour’.
I’m going to miss having a human I can cuddle up to, a shoulder to rest my head on and those one word explanations of a whole day.
It’s not fair. The first friend I made in New Zealand, my only close friend here right now.
Of course I’ll still be giving him shit about crossfit, we’ll be snapping each other ugly faces and moaning about how stupid New Zealand is, but I know the change of scene is going to make him happy and how can I begrudge him that?

I’ve a few more paychecks before I’ve got any real fun money again, but first chance I get, I’m having a weekend in Wellington.
In a ‘here’s what you could have won’ exercise.

Apparently Wellington is wonderful.


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