a&a; i can’t be trusted by myself, not for long this time.

The problem with Zac coming to visit was I’d very quickly slipped back in to our way of life, the way things are when we’re together.
Like the way he steers me by my hand when we’re crossing roads, so I don’t have to pay attention (because honestly, most of the time I’m not anyway); or where he catches my drink before it spills over or how generally picks up the pieces after my clumsy ass, because honestly I’m a liability.
As soon as he left, I was back to picking up the pieces myself and I just don’t know how he does it.


I’m just going to go right ahead and get the awesome out of the way with, so we can focus on the hilarity that is me trying to be a #girlboss and independent woman my way through life.

Our Bitmojis have such a great time together

Zac has booked his flights!
He’s coming to see me again next month – an even shorter wait this time, it’s less than a month before I see him again.
I’m going to be far too busy at work to really miss him in the meantime, but it’s nice to have some kind of time to work towards.

I’ve also had a super hectic weekend at the gym and I’m remembering why I loved (and hated) the job before.
There is something lovely about meeting new people, chatting to them and for a lot of them, helping them make the first steps towards a healthy lifestyle.
Of course, I realise I need to practice what I preach a little more often, but busy is good, and my phone confidence is incredible at the moment.
Go me!


Given I’ve been starting a new job, and trying to make a good impression and all that, I’ve unwittingly already got a reputation for being a klutz.
I was hoping I could at least get through the first month before it happened, but apparently t’was but a dream.

I’m pretty sure I’ve basically ruined my handbag.
It was a wonderful gift from Zac last year – despite him being super picky about which bag I got (because his ex had a bag from the same shop and at that point that sort of thing still mattered to him), and despite me sort of settling on something a bit more boring than I’m used to so I looked ‘corporate’, I’d grown to love the nude and black bag and it had served as a work staple my entire gym career.
Seemingly as per my week, my first morning back in I managed to spill mixed berry and oat protein shake all over the inside of my bag.
The next day, while the towel I’d borrowed from reception still lamenting in the bottom of the bag, too scared to remove it in fear of the stench of spilt protein shake I pick up my water bottle to fill. Previously it contained a small amount of water and the last scoop of my creatine, only when I picked it up that scoop of creatine and the little bit of water had by and large been soaked up by my diary and the towel had taken care of the rest.

Immediately after flinging my diary in the direction of a giggling co worker to dry off for me I leave to take a deep breath and fill my water bottle.
Bottle full, I’m in the bathroom and knock it off the top of the sinks, only for it to crack, the lid to cave in on itself and water to start leaking everywhere.
I’m not sure if I was more sad to lose the last teeny tiny bit of creatine, or the water bottle, which served me well in Asia, the letters all smudged and scratched from the sheer humidity.

Just when I thought my week couldn’t get any worse, Crave made me a latte.
I only had a short window to walk to the shops, get my groceries done and get back in time for work, efficiency was key and the right level of caffeination clearly equals efficiency.
Not just the fact I’d almost taken a near fatal sip, inhaled milk steam and was too far away from Crave to turn back and ask them to make me a coffee I’d actually drink, I was fuming I’d wasted my free coffee on a wrong order and gifted the latte to a rather confused tradie on my way to Countdown.

Although it did feel nice being a caffeine fairy, so there’s that.

I’ve dropped more things this week than I think I have the entire time I’ve been in New Zealand, I keep walking in to gym equipment when I’m doing tours, which obviously isn’t a great look, I haven’t managed to put my washing away yet, slipped over in the shower, managed to justify eating a whole bag of Mars Pods for dinner because Zac likes them (even though I don’t really) and I’ve been mostly surviving on a caffeine diet as I car crash my way in to my new role.

Even Russell Howard is disgusted that I managed to demolish these in under and hour

It’s ok Zac, you can come back now.
I tried and I think being independent is more fun when you’re here to tell me how cute I am when I try and do things by myself and I stomp my feet in mock protest, like the petulant girl boss I am.
What’s that?
27 more days?
I can manage that long…right?


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