zac might talk in his sleep, but he’s got nothing on me.

So as it turns out, Zac and I both have bizarre sleeping habits that make the other one chuckle.
He talks in his sleep, apparently I get delusional when I’m tired.

Now, I remember being a child, and I remember being told countless times to ‘stop showing off’ when I was tired (or excited).
I also remember feeling extra ‘weird‘ when I was tired and allowing myself to completely shut down the already minimal invisible filter that censored the wackier thoughts from exploding out of my mouth.
To some extent I still do this, often I find stupid things exceptionally funny when I’m tired, and I stop forming proper sentences, but living together, I just go to bed when it’s my bed time, Zac tucks me in when I start acting like Baymax running out of battery in Big Hero 6 and if he’s up a bit longer, he’ll just slide in next to me.
We wake up together every morning and I always get a goodnight kiss, so what does it matter if we’re not turning in at the same time.

I thought I’d grown out of that, for the most part, but a slightly out of whack schedule means Zac’s often been saying goodnight to me as I’m falling asleep.
It would seem I’m not willing to say goodnight.

I’ve sat on the bed laughing to tears hearing Zac recounting my behaviour from the night before, and much to his amusement, I don’t remember our interactions going down the same way he does.
In my mind we have a perfectly reasonable goodnight conversation, something along the lines of:

B: Ok, well I’m a little tired now, so I think I should go to bed.
Z: Ok Boodle, I love you sleep tight.
B: I love you too, sleep well darling, I’ll talk to you in the morning.

Apparently I’m much less eloquent.

A typical goodnight conversation seems to follow the trend of him telling me I should go to bed while, like a child, I protest that I’m not tired and I want to keep on talking.
Several minutes of insisting I don’t need any sleep ever are followed by fake snoring as I tell him “Actually, Boodle’s a big sleepy“, before protesting again that I don’t want to go to bed.
I’m stubborn – did we know that?

Soundbites include classics like:

I’m not tired, you’re tired. You’re the tired man from tired town and you’re the mayor telling people to sleep.

Or one that really made me laugh:

*hysterical laughing* And then what about if we plant a pineapple tree of love *more laughing* to grow pineapples.

Tired Becky is essentially drunk Becky, but a tad cuter I suspect hope.
I actually spent an hour or so trying to find some research to normalise this pre-bed behaviour, but all I could find was this daily mail article.


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