a&a; feeling hungry and making a splash.

My first ‘proper’ week in Auckland has flown by in a bit of a blur.
I’ve spent most of the week in training and found myself a new gym schedule to really shake things up.

I do feel like I’m slowly getting a grip on things and being so busy has meant I’ve had to keep on top of things like: eating.
I bought a slow cooker at the start of the week, and it’s been an absolute gem, whipping up the week’s lunches right from the off made things much easier.


Generally there have been a lot of positives this week, I confirmed that brunch at the cafe opposite my unit is delicious, it was so nice and so natural to be back in the water, and I feel as though I’ve landed on my feel and (for the most part) got a hold on my anxiety.

As the week dragged on though, I was started to suffer, feeling really lethargic and run down and by Friday it was after lunch before I felt like I’d started to wake up.
As we found out a few months ago in Hanoi, neither Zac nor I can sleep on a soft bed. Between hard training, time differences (and delusional phone calls), a hell of a lot more walking and the soft bed, my restorative sleep was no where to be seen.
Not able to buy a new mattress (duh, although I stumbled upon this one in my searches and I want, I want, I want! Do yourself a favour and actually click the link and look at the bounce test video) I opted for the much cheaper alternative and finally got myself a Bambillo (after about 3 years of being obsessed with them).
Half price at Bed, Bath & Beyond, how could I say no?
I noticed a difference from the first night and this morning I woke up bright and early as usual, ready to face the day!

I have made a friend, a fellow Pom called Lewis – yes, we are everywhere.
He’s been teaching for nearly as long as I have, so it’s nice to have that ‘teacher chat’ that some of the more newly qualified teachers don’t have.

I met the rest of the staff at the staff meeting and the boss paid for us to go bowling, with free pizza thrown in for good measure.
I wasn’t going to quibble at a free feed, but it was perfect to get to meet everyone.
It’s a fairly young team, but I think I’m going to get along just fine.


Team snaps, pulled from the Dean Greenwood Swim School Facebook page. Wonder if you can spot me, oh yes, I’m the one wearing super bright colours…as per.

I also had a wonderful moment in the water while shadowing. I’d stepped in to run the second half of the lesson and as the children were climbing out the teacher I was with asked what else I did other than teach swimming.
I laughed nervously and replied that it was all I did, the only job I’d really ever done properly, to which she smiled and told me that was good because I had a talent for it, that it would be a waste for me to do anything else.

“I love the way you are with the children, so gentle. They love it!”

I didn’t know what to say to that, so just sort of bashfully thanked her and carried on my day with warm fuzzies.


No week is complete without an awkward, and mine has revolved entirely around how hungry I am.
Like, all the time.

I know it’s because I’m ramping up the activity.
It’s a 20/25 min walk to work and part of that is up and down hills, then I’m in the water for 6 – 10 hours a day and then I usually slip in a gym sesh.

I have meticulously planned out food for the week and with meat being so gosh darn expensive (can anyone explain how chicken is $21.99 a kilo in the supermarket?) my diet has been lacking the protein content it usually has.
I’ve constantly been thinking about food in a spiral of doom thought process that leads to me Pinteresting desserts and highly calorific treats and pining for a block of chocolate.
I’ve done all the tricks, drinking water, drinking tea, drinking coffee when neither of those worked, chewing gum, well time snacks, but nothing is sating my hunger.

Zac packed me off with 3 protein sachets for shakes while I’m here, to keep me going until payday and I can buy some protein.
I’ve been trying to save them, but I had to have one the other day because I couldn’t sleep I was so hungry.
I have one left and it’s for a special occasion. Maybe a last supper before my protein order arrives (whenever pay day rolls round).

And before you all groan and tell me condescendingly to eat more: I already am.
For whatever reason my usually sleepy metabolism has suddenly decided to make itself known and I can’t keep up with demand.
Today I’ve been day dreaming about nachos, huge globs of melted cheese, guac and sour cream and roquito sweet chilli peppers.

Thank goodness Lewis invited me over for dinner tonight: we’re having pasta.
Come at me carbs.


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