good morning auckland. why are you so windy?

The first thing I’ve noticed, and I don’t feel I can go on until this has been suitably addressed is how ruddy windy Auckland is!
I vaguely recall someone making a joke about wind at some point, clearly I didn’t take heed. It has been blustery since I arrived and although there has been glorious sunshine the wind comes with a chill: my chunky knits and scarf have been close to hand, despite tee and shorts weather.

I had a bit of a disaster coming through security and in my sleep deprived state it could have broken me. I definitely know I didn’t manage to hide my emotion from my face given the tentative way the security lady was handling my ‘hot ted’.
I had this tight feeling, somewhere between my heart and my stomach, as we drove along in the kamikaze shuttle bus to my hotel. Something not so deliciously simple to explain as nerves, but I was unsettled.
My stomach growled in protest and I thought perhaps I was just hungry.
Then I was locked out of the hotel, and then they didn’t have my breakfast…there were numerous occasions in my first few hours here I could have cried, given up hope of learning to love Auckland and pined after Melbourne.
But what good would that do me?

So I did what I do best: I found a super cute cafe to have to brunch.
To reset and refuel myself for a helluva few days of serious ‘adulting’.

Eggs Benny: this cafe is now a few suburbs away from where I’m based, but it’s definitely a spot I’ll make a pilgrimage to! Absolutely delicious.

Since arriving in Auckland on Sunday, I now have a new flat to call my own, a new job to call my own, a new phone number and bank account to call my own and of course fairy lights and cushions.
While I don’t profess to be an expert at moving countries, having been helped with it in Melbourne, then helped Zac with it in the UK, I felt more comfortable about doing it here.
Coffee has of course been a key feature each step of the way.
I feel like I’m allowed to treat myself to extra coffee at the moment.

Getting stuck in to it: cushions, sheets, Jasper and fairy light curtain #essentials

While the job doesn’t start for a few weeks (once training and the holidays are out of the way), it’s a relief to know that not only do I get to teach in another country (definitely excited to steal some more ideas and teaching practices) but I will have money coming in.
Again, coffee. It doesn’t buy itself.

In the mean time I’m having to ‘relearn’ how to be by myself.
I’ve done long distance before, I’m used to the sort of split identity you have when half of you is so far away, I’ve seen it in others I’ve met who’ve done it, you do quite literally seem like you’re not all there, distracted in a way that’s hard to explain to people who haven’t been through it.


A simple set up, but it’s all going to be worth it – one of my favourite photo’s of us and a vanilla candle to make it feel more homey.

It’s not forever, and initially, I’ve slipped back in to the LDR routine, until I found myself buying air freshener I thought Zac would like as well, checking if they sell Cheezels here or making a pillow man out of cushions on his side of the bed when I went to sleep.
Thankfully, I’ve been so tired I’ve crashed and the night I wasn’t so sleepy being 2 hours ahead of Melbourne worked to my advantage – it was just more time talking to Zac.

This morning I joined the library.
I’m going to sample a coffee (and perhaps a muffin) from the coffee hole across the road from my new place and then head down to the lib to print off some forms and perhaps some CVs (adulting) and maybe find a book or two to read.
I might head in to the city this afternoon.
I definitely need to buy some food…
The possibilities, really, are endless.


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