procrastinating from packing in it’s purest and most fun form.

I really should have been packing today.
Getting ready for the move and preparing myself, at least physically if not mentally.
But we had the big girls over for a sleep over last night and it was just too much fun to babysit them instead of facing my responsibilities.
Undeterred by Friday 13th, Bella snuck in with my morning coffee and we had some serious ‘big girl’ talk about school and life before she decided I was going to be in charge of them today.

morning swim, the best way to start the day.

I’ve been saying since before we got back that I should take the girls for a swim.
Not just because it’s fun, but also to get a gauge on where they’re at.
They live near water, they go to the pool all summer and I want them to be safe.

Post swim: Jasmine is not a fan of smiling in selfies 🤦🏼‍♀️

Bella was adamant she didn’t need my help, that she already knew how to swim, but Jazzy was quite clearly nervous and I know from experience that ‘knowing how to swim’ ranged from doggy paddle to part-time mermaid.
Not wanting to drown my nieces the first time I was left alone with them, I took them in to the little pool first, watched Bella do some breaststroke arms and freestyle legs and groaned.
We had a lot of work to do.

They get lessons with the school once a year, but they’re also down our way once every few weeks to see their Dad, so I’m tempted to suggest I try and work in a lesson with them, one on one the weekends they’re here.

we’re going on an adventure.

We worked up an appetite in the pool and grabbed some grub in the cafe.
While the girls were devouring their lunch Bella was grilling me on why I had to go and I was trying my best to explain immigration to an 8 year old.
She clearly wasn’t happy with my answers and asked why we didn’t just get married, or why we didn’t just have babies, and I tried my best to explain to her that it wasn’t as easy as that.
Eventually something I said must have clicked for her and she burst in to tears before giving me a big  hug and saying for the thousandth time that day: “I love you Becky, I don’t want you to go.”


Not wanting to go home, we decided we’d have a wander to a park they’d spotted while we were eating.
I didn’t realise the park was inside the leisure centre, so instead I asked them if they wanted to go on an adventure and we did a lap of AquaHub, Jazzy skipping on ahead singing: “We’re going on an adventure.

We did however, find a park on the way, but with ominous rain clouds looming, I moved the car closer and gave them 15 minutes run around.
Eventually I dragged them home with the promise of cookies and spent the ride back talking about what shape cookie cutters I had.

As we walked through the front door, the heavens opened.
Hey look girls, Australia’s sad I’m leaving too.”

there’s no way to say no to a persistent 6 or 8 year old.

The cookie recipe I was using has in the past, been incredibly successful and it’s a dough you can really throw around, without losing too much, so great for kids who are going to be rolling and rolling and cutting and rolling.
Only trouble was, I stuffed up and melted the butter instead of softening it.
The girls were not taking ‘it’s not going to happen’ for an answer, so I attempted to make my biscuit dough anyway and hoped that an hour in the fridge would do the trick.

Park selfies, before the rain set in ☔️

While the dough was in the fridge, I tried to sneak off to print of my ticket and insurance and do those boring-y things I really should have done by now.
Every few minutes I was being asked how long was left until we could bake.
Every few minutes I was being told I’d forgotten about the biscuits.
Every few minutes they wanted to help me pack.

I was trying to hide my own stress and just wanted some peace and quiet, thankfully Carina came to the rescue and distracted them with a movie long enough I could really start to feel emotional.
Then Bella found me with a drawing of us swimming and I felt awash with everything I’d not been feeling.

Ok, cookie time.”


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