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This being the last week we’d have together in goodness knows how long, Zac was determined to fill it with all the activities.
Having managed to pick Frank up, we were ready and raring to go, but a scorching few days and my near death experience put paid to some of our grander plans.
To be honest, we were just enjoying the quiet time together.


The awkward this week is something that’s kept us chuckling for a few days.
I’d won the ’12 Days of Fitness’ challenge at the gym, and my reward included 2 free PT sessions.
I’d decided to cash one of them in with Simon (who has been working with me on my program), and trained until I saw stars.
We had to call the session quits with one more thing to go because I wasn’t sure I was going to make it, but I’d smashed a few more PBs, so I was more than happy for an early time out.

Feeling a little ‘tired’ after my session, but look: coffee still in hand!

I made it over to the wall mounted lockers before turning to Simon as he started to fade to black and quickly sitting down.
Back against the fire extinguisher box, the cool metal was going a long ways to helping me stand up again, but I wasn’t convinced I’d make it outside.
I dialled Zac’s number and held my phone out to Simon, who wordlessly knew what he needed to do and took charge of the call for me.

From my end, I just heard a bit of confusion, with Simon informing me Zac wasn’t feeling too well and asking about my pet name as he escorted me outside, but when I got in the car, Zac looked over at me sheepishly and told me the conversation had gone more like this:

Z: “Hello Boodle! Boodle, I’m nearly back, I’m so sorry, I just had to go home quickly because my gut’s really upset and I’ve got the shits a little bit, but I’m nearly there now, I can meet you outside the front if you like?”
S: “Er…Zac, it’s Simon, from the gym.”
Z: “Sorry Boodle?”
S: “It’s Simon. Becky’s finished her session and she’s a bit tired are you here?”
Z: “Oh, yeah mate, just pulling in now mate.”
S: “Oh you’re here, oh good! I’ll bring her out now.”
Z: “No worries mate.”

I can’t believe I told Simon I had the shits, Boodle! I feel awful, poor guy didn’t need to know that.”

He’s not seen Simon since.
I’m not sure how deliberate that is.


Aside from Frank, this week’s awesome hinged around spending time with ‘the other side’ of my family.
We took the car for a real test through The Black Spur, stopping off for my first brunch of the new year, heading to Eildon to Tash and the girls.
Sun shining and roads winding, I couldn’t help but sit back and feel completely content.

Lala was entranced by my necklace: the sunshine gave it extra sparkle

We ate ice cream, Shayla painted something on my leg with her sticky fingers and Jazzy and Hailie wrestled Zac on the trampoline. Bella sat and awkwardly muddled her way through another day of pre-teen hardships, listening to music I’m too old to know, pining when it was time for us to leave.

The next day it was time for a change of pace, heading down the straight roads to Morwell to see Zac’s eldest nephew (although Zac hates being referred to as an ‘Uncle’ – not surprising given there’s only 6 years between them).
Zac took advantage of Jaden’s KFC staff discount before we trundled back to Melbourne.
Rinse and repeat the next day, this time to meet Jaden’s lady and while the boys bounced around on oversized trampoline’s on an industrial estate in the back end of somewhere, we had girly gossips.

Lounging around in the hammock.
Lounging around in the living room (and only air conditioned room in the house).
Zac kept me inside during the heat, and I moaned about how unfair it was in between reading (and finishing) Tigers in Red Weather.

My favourite of all the animals, doing my two favourite things: swimming and eating

Then it was zoo day.
We took my new Instax out for a spin and Zac got the picture of me in front of the giraffes, for keeps, that’s he’s been after for his wallet.
A kind passerby tried to take a photo of us, but I think there was too much light and it came out with white splodges over the important parts of the picture.
We’re still learning.

As we snuggled up next to each other tonight, Zac asked me how I was feeling about going, and I had to be honest and say I just felt sort of…numb.
Not really excited, or sad, or happy, like it was just something I was doing, like getting my hair cut, or going for coffee.

For now, I’m going to enjoy every precious moment we have this week, savour them and bottle them up for those inevitably lonely nights in Auckland.