a&a; some dodgy miming, not for the kids

After an abrupt end to our trip (long story) we were both relieved when we landed back on Australian soil.
The flight back was up there with one of the worst I’ve ever taken, with the couple in front of us breaking every ‘considerate traveller’ rule and then some.
With little sleep and knowing it was going to be a long day, I immediately grabbed a coffee when we landed in Sydney and inhaled the deep, slow roasted fumes.


Have you played the game Heads Up?
It’s incredibly addictive in it’s way, and despite the fact it’s a ‘paid for’ app, it’s certainly worth the money (in my opinion).
It also kept us going during the long days at the school and proved to be a useful teaching tool getting the kids to read and enunciate quickly and accurately.

It’s also flipping hilarious when you’re playing the charades element of the game and you get one of those rare cultural blips where I guess: “drinking pop” and Zac doesn’t realise by that I mean “soda”.

We busted the game out to play with Mama G while we were in Ha Long Bay.
Much to all of our amusements (and probably to the horror of the rest of the boat as we got increasingly more animated).
Some terrible guessing and multiple fits of giggles later, we finally called it a night and went to bed.


Without a doubt it had to be getting back and immediately being bombarded by Zac’s big sister and the kids.

Jazzy all over the selfies while La was more interested in the blocks

Tired, irritable and just wanting to wash my clothes, wash myself and start feeling like a human again, I wasn’t sure how long I’d be ‘in the mood’ for a noisy family visit, but as soon as the gang arrived and Tash hugged me (reassuring me I didn’t smell of fish…charming) all thoughts of bed disappeared and we settled in to the awkward routine of trying to cram 3 months of travel stories into a tangible nugget for consumption.

Inevitable the big girls found my phone and wanted to ‘play games’.
Explaining I didn’t have any games they could play, they settled for Snapchat and spent the rest of the day spamming my Mum with adorable snaps.

Headstands in the garden, pizza, cold drinks and ball games, I couldn’t help but feel a little bit smug to be home.
I’ve always wanted a big family.
I love my sister and my little nucleic family, but I’ve always had big family fantasies.
I’d settled on just creating my own tribe, but finding Zac turned out to be a happy coincidence, meaning I get those big summer family BBQs, surrounded by children and smashed pot plants and silliness and noise that I’ve always wanted.

That’s not to say that I wasn’t secretly glad when they all cleared off, big family is fun, but full on.

As I was strapping the girls in to their car seats, with the help of Brayden, he turned to me and asked:
“Becky, are you and Zac getting married?”
With all the innocence of a 10 year old who knows more than he’s letting on.
“I dunno, buddy. I’d like to. What do you think? Do you want us to get married?”
“Yeah, I think it’d be good.”

I had to chuckle, with flashbacks to Mother’s Day a few years ago when Brayden asked if I was Zac’s girlfriend yet.
I told Zac what Bray had said and he responded in the same way as he did then:
“Oh for fuck’s sake. Fuck off Brayden. Too smart for his own good.”


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