a&a; wheels are rolling, say cheese!

To say that we’ve been loving travelling through Vietnam would be an understatement.

So different from the bustle of Phnom Penh, being able to move around in our own time, without having to worry about lessons on Monday morning means I’ve simply lost track of the days, each wonderful 24hour adventure blurring in to the other.

We’d met up with Penny and Oly again in Hoi An and fell in love with the city, so much so we’re back with Carina for a few days in time for the Lunar Festival.

That’s not to say that despite the change in pace and upwards crank in satisfaction we didn’t have our fair share of ‘awkward’ moments this week!

It was hard to pick the standout moment that was suitably awkward enough for the week.

It was nearly the moment when we arrived in Nha Trang and I tried to ask the cardboard cutout of a flight attendant which way to go to get the bus.

Or the moment I thought because we were using Zac’s headphones on my phone it was playing his music (he’d just pressed the play button on the headphones and instead of the YouTube audio we’d got one of those free U2 songs I’ve not got round to deleting playing).

I was nearly going to tell you about Zac sneaking an extra airport chair massage (after the first one was so good) while I was being the dutiful, caring girlfriend I am and getting him a morning hot chocolate, caught with one second of massage left as I cheerily wandered back.

“If you’d just been distracted for 10 more seconds I’d have got away with it!”

It could have been our spectacular inability to split bills between Penny and Oly and Zac and myself.

Or how Penny ran over not one, but two of those mechanical birds the street vendors throw at you in an attempt to get you to buy one, how she rode into a tree branch (if it hadn’t been Penny, it would have been me) or how I was trying to show off on my bike and slipped right off the pedals and shaved the top of my toe off.

None of those moments quite come close the monumental melt down Zac had when his camera died.

He’d been fiddling around with the settings all morning, amateur photographer mode activated.

In the afternoon we’d decided to head to the beach.
He’d put on his beach shorts, shoved his camera in his pocket and we’d merrily strolled along the promenade.
Get to the beach, I’m set up, headphones in, bikini precariously balanced on my ample censored bits and just at the point when I’m about to let out a blissful sigh I sense intense anxiety coming from Zac’s direction.
He’s looking at his camera and blowing on it, turning it on and off again and then as a final resort giving it a whack.

You ok, babe?”

“It won’t turn on, I mean, it turns on, but it won’t come out; the lens is…argh!”

The panic rising in his voice, I could tell this was a real emergency from his complete lack of swearing.
Before I knew it he’d disappeared, camera in hand.

The interesting thing about Da Nang beach is it has free wifi. I frantically searched for fixes for his camera problem and sent him a string of messages, starting with sympathy and ending with a hefty dose of tough love along the lines of: what do you expect when you don’t use the case because it’s too bulky? It’s bulky because it’s protective. Current situation avoided.

He eventually came back to the beach, looking like a puppy who’s been kicked.
He sat down next to me despondently.

“At least you haven’t lost all your photos. And you can always use mine, I know it’s not the same, but it does have that red black and white mode”

“Oh yeah.” He’d perked up slightly at the thought of interestingly filtered photos.

When we got back to the hotel I spent the better part of the prelude to dinner gently blowing, hair drying and coaxing the lens out.
I tried everything, we reset the camera, but despite best efforts the Internet confirmed if a reset didn’t work it was a repair job.
Solemnly Zac put his travel companion to bed for the rest of our trip and slipped my camera case onto his belt (a feature his case didn’t have – the belt loop case is entirely awesome).

Thank God for travel insurance, eh?

For me the awesome this week without a doubt had to be Hoi An.

There of course has to be an extra special mention to our dive in Nha Trang, it was such an overwhelmingly satisfying feeling to know Zac was going to love diving as much as I do, and it opens up so many different places for future travels.
Can’t argue with sharing those magical sub Aqua experiences with my best friend, can I?

Hoi An, Vietnam a.k.a Lantern Town

Colourful balls of light adorn all the restaurants and lane ways at night

This quiet little lantern town holds new wonders down every alleyway and street.

We had bikes included with our accommodation and there was something so magical about cycling through the town, skirts blowing in the breeze, not a care in the world.
Weaving between moto’s and pedestrians, criss-crossing in the traffic and giggling along as we took up more room than was necessary for the sake of an ‘in ride’ conversation was a large part of what made Hoi An so special to me.

Flash backs to riding around at Uni, to endless summer bike rides, and the unbridled joy you feel when you’re freewheeling.

I always forget how much I enjoy getting around on 2 wheels, and since getting my driving license, all other forms of transportable paled in comparison to that sense of freedom.

But given that I’m still getting used to the bigger, at times scarier roads in Melbourne (you essentially pull out of the house onto a motorway type road), the thought of investing in a bike to get me from a to b in the meantime is more and more appealing.