a&a; here we go again…or not

A short and sweet update as we’re snuggled up in bed after a jam packed few days in Ho Chi Minh City.

It’s the most ‘on the go’ we’ve been since we got to Asia, we even scoped out a pretty decent gym and (both) overdid it slightly.
As it turns out diet really is as important as everyone says it is, and after a diet largely consisting of pork and rice or Western junk food, our gym sesh felt sluggish, like we were sweating out all the crap.
It was cathartic in its way.

Doms are killing me today though, and I’ve not even got to that magic 3rd day: hip flexors and aductors aren’t talking to me, my quads and glutes are moaning just because they can get away with it and my hammy’s are the only muscles just about playing ball.
It adds an interesting dynamic to a walking city tour, that’s for sure.

It’s hard not to be excited at the prospect of a new city, new country and new adventure.
We’ve been looking forward to Vietnam for weeks, not just because it meant no more teaching (and at times, that was what go me through) but because it was the first chance we’ve really had to travel together.
We’ve been on holiday together.
We’ve been to new places together.
We’ve been ‘away’ together, but we’ve never travelled together.

After some concerns over whether or not we’d enjoy Ho Chi Minh City (or as the locals still fondly call it, Saigon) we’ve both fallen in love with the city.
It was mentioned this evening that we could see ourselves living here.
Whether or not that ever gets acted on is a different matter – I think we both love Melbourne too much for that, it’s taken me long enough to get back!

It’s hard to pick a single favourite moment.

There’s 10,000VND coffee outside the hotel, and it’s good coffee.
That’s 30p for my morning caffeine fix.

We’ve been collared by groups of students on more than one ocassion who wanted to practice their English with us.
At first we were dubious and waiting for the scam part of the interaction, but it seems they were genuine and just wanting to practice their English.
For Zac that meant a lot of conversations about basketball and for me I got compliments on my hair, ending with “Can we touch it?”
(Weird, but sure)

There was a little kid, oblivious to Zac and I walking in his direction, running at full pelt: his course was set and we were in the way, so we made an arm bridge for him and made monster noises as he ran through, much to his squealing delight.

We made some new friends (who we have plans to meet up with again in Hoi An) and had a wonderful day sightseeing and being tourists with them.
It was actually their anniversary, so we were glad to have been a part of it!
Besides which, we all had a play with the guns at Cu Chi and looked suitably bad ass.

All in all, I think Vietnam is going to be good to us.

Despite the fact the dong has been near impossible to get my head around – working in thousands and millions has me feeling like we’ve been hemorrhaging cash – it’s over to Zac again this week.

While it could have been his valiant attempts to launch his camera off the 10th floor of our hotel building while trying to get the perfect nighttime city shot, my favourite awkard moment involved the lift.

Chatting away, we were pumped and excited to get to the gym, so excited it took us nearly 3 minutes to notice that the lift wasn’t actually going anywhere.
Zac had tried and failed to press the button for the ground floor and we’d been idly standing in a static lift.
He tried again, failed again.
He swiped at the buttons like a cat, still failing to make contact before finally slamming his thumb into the ‘G’ button, lighting it up red and we finally felt that little lurch when an elevator begins to move.

Since then he’s been spectacularly bad at pressing the lift buttons, taking a few attempts before he manages to get it.

Should probably leave it to me, but where’s the fun in that?


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