kep: crabs, monkeys and motos 

Yes, it wasn’t a great weekend.
Yes, it felt like a comedy of errors.
And yes, I’m still sore and still licking my proverbial wounds (I’m not flexible enough a the moment to actually lick them).

But despite all that, Kep is incredibly pretty.
The limestone mountains that seem to define the area are filled with lush green trees, patches of jungle spilling down from the mountains, with waterfalls and secret trails peppered over the province.

There’s pepper and bananas and an abundance of crabs.
Still holding on to it’s French roots, Kep still feels like a colony town and the combination of croissants and noodles made for interesting breakfasts.
Then again, I’ve never been a huge fan of fusion food: unless adding cheese to everything counts.

b&g; motos and crabs, kep from Becky K on Vimeo.


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