a&a; back to school and some serious travellers luck.

After a week of observations, we’re nearly ready to be thrown in to the deep end and begin teaching our own classes. On Friday we were handed our schedules and some books to help us start planning our lessons.

Filled with nervous excitement we decided to have a more relaxing weekend and stay in Phnom Penh to explore the city that’s home for the next few months.


Because it’s always funny to start with the awkward.

This week, by some miracle the awkward wasn’t actually anything to do with me: Lucy is the star of this tale!

A puppy chews his bone, blissfully unaware of the horrific significance of the tree next to it

We’d been to Cheong Ek, the nearest killing field to Phnom Penh and, as predicted, it was a pretty intense morning. We were all feeling a bit out of it and entirely sombered by the experience. While we were laughing and joking on the way there about how noisy and our Tuk Tuk was, the aggressive bumps and nearly flying out of our seats as we hit the potholes, but there was a definite shift in mood after we left.

We got back in the Tuk Tuk quieter.
Less lighthearted and somehow heavier.
Lucy and I had both had a little cry and the Killing Tree was especially hard to learn about.

God knows what made her think about it, but 200m down the road after we’d left the main site Lucy suddenly frantically started looking for her phone. The driver carried on, blissfully unaware of the growing panic until someone had the presence of mind to tell him to stop and turn around.

She ran back in while I sifted through her bag one more time, looking at Zac with a mix of concern and relief that I hadn’t been the one that had forgotten something.
A knowing shake of my head confirmed what we already knew: it wasn’t here.

A few minutes later she came strolling back out with Ewan, waving her phone in her hand. She’d left it on the table outside the shop.
Apparently as they got back, the woman from the shop was carrying her phone somewhere and looked pretty disappointed it was being reunited with its proper owner.

Talk about travellers luck!


We have been overwhelmed by how mice our school have been to us so far. They laundered our sheets, buy us fruit to try, traditional snacks to try and generally seem to go out of their way to make us feel welcome.

Compared to some of the stories we’ve heard from the other people at their schools, ours is the most laid back and we have been given teeshirts to wear too!

Representing The GoldenEd School

They’re being pretty good with our schedules (Zac always has cruisey days, one lesson on, one lesson off, one lesson on; I have crammed Monday, Tuesday, but only 2 lessons on Wednesday, Thursday with a daunting double phonics lesson on Friday) and they’ve said if we want time off to travel to let them know and they’ll arrange something for us.

Cindy – who has been the foreign teacher we’ve been following has been incredibly nice to us, making sure we feel ready to teach (and buying me buckets of coffee).

Right now? I can’t wait to get started!


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