a&a; new country, new city, new friends

This week’s awkward and awesome kind of gets swept up in the blur that is our whole trip so far, and despite a hectic (and at times soul crushing) start to the week, as soon as we got to Cambodia, we felt like we could breathe.

Food and culture and a crash course in Khmer (pronounced kah-my) and we’re just about ready to get started.


I think the awkward for this week is pretty obvious.
I won’t bore you with the details again, it essentially, we didn’t have a great time in Bangkok.


Awesome this week was getting to Phnom Penh and finally meeting our new, strange, TEFL family for the next two months.

Classic ‘stole your phone’ selfie

The first two people we met were another couple, from the UK, called Lucy and Ewan. We quite literally bumped into them as we were coming out of the lift.

Slightly soggy (the heavens had opened as we arrived into the bus station and we’d had a bumpy, drippy, slow Tuk Tuk over the bridge to the hotel) we said our brief hello’s and I felt the first tingles of excitement – people.
New people.
Travelling people.
People we could be friends with!
Technically this was our first ‘real’ outing as a couple, with people neither of us knew, and I was determined to make a good impression.

We cleaned ourselves up and headed up to dinner.

Running slightly late, we had to find our own table and were soon joined by Lucy and Ewan.
Without realising the time, everyone had long drifted off to bed, we’d been happily chatting all evening (in between worrying about what Lucy could eat – poor bean is Coeliac) we eventually said our goodbyes and went to bed feeling completely content.

Lazing around by the pool: bliss!

The rest of the weekend was a bit of a blur. I’m sat by the pool now, making the most of the only WiFi in the hotel that’s  reliable, there’s been a lot to take in, and by a strange twist of fate, we’re in a school near Lucy and Ewan and near the Russian Markets, which is apparently a great spot, lots of food.

We were also treated to a taste of the weather in Phnom Penh as the storm clouds slowly engulfed the city, culminating in a full on storm – I wasn’t the happiest bunny. I’m not a huge fan of storms.
Still…it was pretty impressive from the 6th floor of our hote, safe behind a wall of glass.

The gloomy sky made a dramatic backdrop to the Royal Palace – oh, and us!

We’ve had a brief introduction to Cambodia with a visit to the Royal Palace and Wat Phnom and I lost Zac to bromance almost immediately into our excursion – another guy on the trip called Daniel, a Saffer with a keen interest in photography.
In a way it was nice, gave me chance to talk to other people in the group, but I also did miss Zac a little.

So yeah.
I’m excited.
And nervous.
And I can’t wait to get stuck in!


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