a&a; swollen ankles, swollen cheeks, big puffy travel faces

This week’s awkward and awesome comes with a rather large dollop of awesome.
We’re back in Melbourne!

I’d better start with the awesome, it sort of overshadows everything else.
So we’re back!
We’re here, in Australia and it just doesn’t quite seem real.

As I’d alluded to before, online and offline, it’s no great secret that we were going to back to Australia.
The big secret was of course when.

We’d actually had our flights booked since January, we were well aware of the when, but between not telling anyone, then only telling certain people and swearing them to secrecy (including social media blackouts, getting the story straight with everyone and even deactivating our Facebook accounts for a week), we essentially spent the last year pretending it wasn’t happening.

Zac was pretty clear from early on that he wanted to surprise everyone, mostly Mum, about us coming back, and with the visa progressing as visas do – slowly – it seemed logical that the fewer people knew about us coming back, the better. After all, we weren’t even sure if I’d be able to stay.

Despite my sometimes overly dramatic reactions to visa related stress, having a when actually made it all a bit more bearable. If still incredibly frustrating I wasn’t completely in charge of everything – apparently I’m not the Australian immigration department: who knew?

Looking excited and nervous for the next chapter in our adventure

After all the secrecy and paranoia, we knew in that moment that we’d pulled it off and it was worth the white lies for that reaction.

So I’m sat here typing this out in our new home in Heathmont.
In Melbourne.
In Australia.
And it still just doesn’t feel real!

We’re most of the way through a food tour of Melbs, delighting in all the culinary treats we’d missed over the past year (hello Tims Tams, kebabs, Dairy Bell) which naturally isn’t the healthiest…

There’s also been lots of things about Australia that make it, well, Australia that we’d completely forgotten about and still have a little squeal of delight when we see it.
For me, this was a kangaroo sighting on the first day after we’d gone to surprises Tash’s kids at school.
(They were also suitably excited about our return and Bella spent her walk home telling me all about jet lag and why my body thought it was night time when it wasn’t)

Thankfully coffee is the way I remembered it: delicious.

Naturally, of course there is an awkward, mostly however, due to the awesome.

Between Zac’s ankle, my bee stung knee, our faces, our feet and my boobs we arrived a tired, puffy, swollen mess.
Swelling that is yet to go down.
To say I’m not amused about that would be an understatement.
Zac on the other hand isn’t complaining about my swollen chest.

Funny that.


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