A&A; Angry Bee’s and Girly Crafternoon’s

This week’s awkward and awesome saw me battling with nature (and losing) and Mum and I getting a much needed girly crafternoon together at ‘Crackpotz’ – one of our fave ‘crafe’.

With summer well under way, the outdoor pool is a hotspot for enthusiastic young swimmers and insects alike, all keen to practice their backstroke.
As my lessons for the summer are winding down, I’d been taking advantage of the weather and having my private lessons outside.
Parents were happy, I was happy, kids were happy, there was sunshine.
Win, win, right?

Unfortunately, Mr. Bumblebee wasn’t so pleased with my outdoor lessons.
As I was leaning in to the pool to change the grip on a float of one of my kids I felt a sharp scratch.
Initially I thought I’d grazed against the brick of the pool, but when I looked at my knee there was a little bee stuck in and definitely not happy about the situation.
Cue me trying to scrape the bee out before he dismembers himself, all while trying to explain the situation and not swear in front of my not quite 4 year old swimmer.
Didn’t happen.
Surge of pain as the venom surged into my kneecap and I limp off to pool control to try and find an ice pack.

Interesting looking knee…

Nearly a week later it’s still swollen, still hurts and still looks purple.
Ice, elevation, Piriton, rinse and repeat.

We’ll hope it goes away, but as it turns out, I could be allergic to beestings…awks.

Mama K and I had a rare day off together and headed to Crackpotz, a local Ceramic Cafe I discovered back in November.
You go and paint some pottery while you have a coffee – you pay a studio fee, but a week later they’ve been fired and are ready to pick up.

Getting crafty at Crackpotz

It took us a while to decide what we wanted, but I finally decided on a small bowl that I was planning on using for keys and a letter holder.
While Mum went for a pineapple tea light wax burner.
I was eyeing it up myself, but in the end couldn’t work out where I’d put the pineapple!

Mama K looking super happy with her pineapple tealight wax burner

After a leisurely morning letting our creative juices flowing we headed to Cattows, a local farm shop and cafe which does a delicious cream tea and raspberry picking.
It was the end of the season, but we still managed to hunt out a punnet of raspberries – enough to make some blondies with!

Cream tea at Cattows ❤️

It was a lovely day and great to spend some, Mummy-Daughter time together – something we definitely don’t do often enough, but perhaps that’s why it’s more appreciated when we do!


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