A&A; Graduating and Pi…what?

All in all, it’s been a really great week.
Capped off by seeing my baby sister graduate.
End of an era.

We’ll start with the awkward. Lorna and I are on a mission to better ourselves, as a team. Thursday’s are the go to and while we have been planning on a weekly swim, neither of us fancied it this week, so Lorna hunted out a PiYo class for us to have a go at.
Now PiYo to me, is a mash up of Pilates and Yoga, right?
So it’s a gentler class, not a sweat inducing class, a class that would put my flexibility to shame, but also make me feel really good. Deep breathing and all that shit.

Turns out PiYo is some kind of ridiculous HIIT mashup from hell.
Perhaps I should have Googled it first, but I backed myself in to be able to judge a class from it’s name – never doing that again.

Each song you have 4 moves mostly consisting of lunging and squats with the ridiculous nods to Pilates and yoga with a PiYo-bra, the PiYo crouching crow, the PiYo crocodile.
Loosely related to Pilates at times, but even the abs section just seemed too fast…too…wrong.

It took a whole song before the instructor even asked us if we’d been before, and mostly I think that’s because she saw us floundering sufficiently enough to tell we were ‘newbies’.
I was pushing through, getting drippier and drippier, hands slipping and sliding along the mat, then I look over, Lorna upside down and skewed by my hair sat cross legged and smiling at me.
I giggle and flip myself over, shaking my head and letting out a big puff of air.
“What the fuck?” I mouth to her, to be met by a snigger and two thumbs up.
“You’re doing really well.” she mouths back.

2 minutes later the instructor finally tunes back in from her workout to see what we’re doing and notices Lorna sitting out and offers her an alternative from the crazy cat-flip-crab-side-plank twisty leg thing we’re doing.

The class couldn’t be over soon enough for me. We were going too fast between positions and moves for me to be able to fix my technique and I definitely wasn’t working my muscles, with the exception of these single leg squat things we were doing, but then it was a major quad burn and less bum growing burn.
My shoulder was knackered afterwards from not having the time to set properly before starting the moves and from not being given any easier options for moves I couldn’t do.

All in all: disaster. We’ll never do it again.
At least we laughed all the way to the car.

This week’s awesome was undeniably watching my baby sister graduate.
Not so much a baby now though – a Graduate in Forensic Science and Criminology (I think that’s the right way round…).
None the less, it was a very proud moment to see her shake hands with Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson.

Baby sister graduating from Northumbria University for the first time: proudest big sister moment!

This was it! The big moment! Boom: graduate!

It was a long ceremony, and we spent the whole time wondering a) if the speaker would pronounce Peeves’ name right, b) how the hell he was getting the names right first go (it must be spelt phonetically, right?) and c) crapping myself every time I heard him say: “Rebecca…”
I had to keep reminding myself I wasn’t graduating, didn’t need to panic at the sound of my name, well, someone else’s name.

Best of all the little sod got a bloody mortar board!
I didn’t get one, HOWEVER when I tried it on, they seemed like a bit of a pain in the arse, but she looked very smart in her gown with her clever clogs.


Arranging her ‘special hat’.

We got some lovely snaps from the day (with two candid pics of Zac and I that are just perfect!) and despite a miserable wet start, the sun was shining by the afternoon.

So that’s that. We’ve done with the University part of our lives…for now, at least. No doubt we’ll go back at some point, Peeves for her Masters, me for mine (maybe). Another graduation, another gown, another long ceremony, but for now, it’s the end of an era.

So come on world – are you ready for her?


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