I’m Zac, you know, the one who talks a lot in his sleep! Becky asked me to make a few guest appearances and write a piece here and there, and I happily accepted the offer because despite not liking writing in particular, I love to express myself. So for my first ever blog I decided to write about my inner whore, the one of a #hashtagwhore; here I go…

I love taking photos, not necessarily of people, but of moments in life. I particularly like vietws overseeing the world, nature or cities and I’m always on the hunt for photo opportunities. You’d say that photography is just a little hobby of mine, a secret passion which probably stems from being a person who would rather live a life full of moments than live a life full of disposable items. Whenever I feel it’s a ‘moment’, I don’t think, I just take and most certainly I don’t try and set up a photo because whenever I do that, I can never catch the moment as well as I’d like to!

When we post these photos on Instagram is where this story comes to a dispute about my use of #hashtags between Becky and. I add #hashtags and a lot of them and Becky likes to say I’m a whore about it, but I think she doesn’t quite understand why. She’d prefer just a few ‘well placed’ #hashtags, but I think by adding more and more tags, being a #hashtagwhore you increase the chance of someone around the world seeing the photo and I’d like to share my special moments with them.

It’s about moments, it always is, no matter good or bad it’s moments in life that shape us as people and are what makes us all unique individuals. I love making people happy and whenever I bring a smile to someone’s face it brings one to mine and if I can share who I am as a person with the world than I am going to do it, if that makes me a #hashtagwhore so be it. I strongly suggest you go out tomorrow and capture that moment and whore yourself away, share with the world your beautiful self and the moments that have made you, you!

Until next time,



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