A&A; Car Booting and What Is It With Parking?

As the sun (finally) shines down on us, I’m sat outside writing this post, enjoying the feeling of the rays on my skin.
This is the feeling I love, the feeling I could get used to.
I hate being cold, even when it’s expected.
No, for me the best place is laid out in the grass, sun shining with good company, good music, good food, a good book or any combination of the above.

Ah yes, summer.

We really need to start with the awesome this week.
Zac and I have just got back from our first ever car boot sale, and while it wasn’t a tremendous success, we made profit and I certainly have got a bit of a taste for it.
The weather was supposed to be glorious all day. We were supposed to be going to Newcastle this weekend, but after plans sort of started to dissolve, we realised there was no point clinging on to them so we’d use this ‘bonus’ weekend for some serious car booting.
With Peeves being back, it’s all systems go to tidy, sort, throw, donate, so we had a generous amount to sell. It’s going to be the perfect weekend, so let’s make the most of it.
Wake up and it’s grey and cloudy. It doesn’t feel cold though, so I’m hoping it’l burn off soon enough.
We got there by 7:30am, picked our spot and started to set up, or rather I started to set up – Zac was too cold to come out of the car and after struggling to wake up and nearly backing out, I was just grateful he was there at all.
9am rolls in and the sunshine is no where to be seen. I’m seriously regretting wearing my shorts and thongs and Zac is still hiding in the car.

I tried not to have too high hopes for the car boot (didn’t want to expect too much only to be disappointed, but I was hoping for someone, anyone to buy something.
I got chatting to the ladies next to me who were selling baby clothes and they said by that time last weekend, they’d sold most of their stock. “Heaps busier” they said.
I sort of scowled at Zac at that point – we were supposed to come last weekend, but he backed out then, too, and I let him off.

Finally, we got our first sale! After that, they trickled in. We had to call for back up and get Mama and Papa K to save us from the weather, bring jumpers and warm shoes (for me), but things were slowly, slowly going.
Naturally while Mama and Papa K were they bumped in to someone they knew and there was the obligatory ‘haven’t you grown’ conversation – I get better at those every time I come back to Ashby.

And then the sun broke!
And suddenly we started making sales. The ladies next to us had already packed up by this point, I don’t blame them, people weren’t buying and they didn’t want to waste their weekend away from the kids.
Not a problem we had. We were having fun with each other, talking about shark bites and croc bites and mosquito bites (not entirely sure why the conversation was quite so orally fixated).

We had a good morning, we made a profit and I can understand why people get hooked.
I’m planning to be back the next weekend the weather’s forecast for sunshine and hopefully we’ll do even better!

I don’t know what it is with us an car parks at the moment, but we’re really not having a great time of it.
We decided to pop to Leicester – Zac’s been trying on, sizing up and pricing our rucksacks and shoes and ‘travel stuff’ (all of is essential of course…) and he’d found a few things online he wanted to try on offline.
I don’t know if it was the Krispy Kreme donut I had, the amount of laughing my sister and I did, or the fact that I had post-stationary purchase giddiness, but when it came to paying for parking, I very nearly really fucked up.
Ticket goes in, fine.
Ok, insert card. I hear Zac and Peeves make a strange noise as I realise at the last second – as the machine swallows my card – that that was the ticket slot and not the card slot.
I look at them in dismay, Peeves is shaking her head and Zac’s laughing as I hear a bleeping noise and my card pops back out again.
Thank. God.
I was giggling too much to try and find the right slot for my card to go in to and by this point a sizeable cue is beginning to form behind us.
The second the ticket popped back out Zac grabbed it and made a swift exit back to car.
“Don’t look at them, just keep walking.”
Needless to say, after giving Zac shit last week for tipping Newcastle County Council, I didn’t live this down all week.
Every time we saw a card machine: “Now make sure your card goes in here, not here…”
Thanks, mate. I got it.


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