A&A; Busy Week and Timing Fails

It’s a slightly late awkward and awesome this week as my list of jobs ‘to do’ was interrupted by a last minute call in to work.
Sunday’s are usually our guaranteed days off together, which means they’re days busy with bumbling and jobs, life admin that needs us both there. With work at the bar being sporadic to say the least, soon (I’m hoping) lifeguarding hours will be taking over, but their unpredictability means that I could be working Sunday’s short notice. Not that this really makes a difference, I’m happy to be getting the hours, but it means that I’ll need to be more mindful with my spare time again, once it’s not quite so ‘spare’.

I’m going to start with the ‘Awesome’, there are two this week: I couldn’t pick, but one will have it’s own post.
Without mincing (I’ll save that for the main post) Zac and I are going to Cambodia to Teach English.
We’ve enrolled on a TEFL course with i-to-i and we’re off to do a voluntary internship with a local school in Cambodia in September. It delays our plans to be back in Australia by around 4 months BUT totally worth it!
After our internship finishes, we’re hoping to have some room for more adventure and travel, but you never know with these things and often people are offered paid roles in the schools, or extensions to their stay, so we’ll see where it takes us!

The other ‘Awesome’ is a pretty big deal for me in terms of driving.
I learnt to drive when I was 17, most of my friends had already passed their tests, because they were already 18 (perks of being moved up a year, right?). I took a test a week or so before I left for Fiji, convinced I couldn’t fail, even though I really didn’t feel ready, my instructor told me to go for it, so I did.
I failed.
Cue the first knock to my confidence.
After that the stubborn kind of won out over the practicalities of being able to drive, and despite trying again and again to learn and pass my test, it was never the right time, never enough money, there was always travelling I wanted to do first.
Cue more knocks to my confidence.
Theory runs out. I try and take the test again in a bid to pass before I leave for Australia (the first time). I failed.
Another knock to my confidence.
It just felt like it wasn’t meant to happen. But with a life down under planned, it’s one of those skills I really need to have, just for the sheer scale of the place!
Well, this week I passed my theory test. Toot toot! Next goal is the practical and I’m feeling ready this. I’ll need some lessons to brush up on everything, especially my parallel park, but I’m feeling much more zen about the whole thing this time.

This week’s awkward was one of those moments that usually happen to me, but it was Zac’s turn to be ‘blonde’, despite his unarguably ginger beard.
We’d done the long drive up to Newcastle to take Peeves back for the last few days in her flat and bring some more of her stuff back as she slowly finished moving out. While we were leaving her to finish packing and just sort of ‘chill out’, we were on a mission to find backpacks and mosquito nets, and bump into Lyds for food and/or coffee if we could (honourable mention there, Davis).
We pulled in to Eldon Square car park – after driving the dizzying spiral of concrete up to the 5th floor – Zac found a spot and went over to the Pay and Display to sort a ticket out.
He comes back and tells me he only put a pound in because it’s free parking after 5, so £1 should see us through until then.
I look at my watch and ask him again that he put £1 in.
“Yes babe! It’s free parking after 5pm so we only need like, 60p to get us through ’til then, but the machine doesn’t take less than £1.” clearly exasperated with my inability to understand him.
“Hey Zac…it’s 5:22.”
He puts his head in his hand, the other crossed over his chest and I see his shoulders start to shake as his laughs at what he’s done. Perhaps the sense was dizzied out of him on the drive to the top of the car park, but he just gave Newcastle City Council a £1 tip for giving us free parking.


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