A&A; Absolutely Spoiled as Another Bites The Dust

This week has absolutely flown by. Whether it was the anticipation of escaping to Scotland for our anniversary or the glorious weather we’ve been having, it’s felt like there just weren’t enough hours in the day.

Despite being the queen of procrastination this week (I have an excuse, I swear) it has been one of those strangely productive weeks, without really having anything to prove for it.

I was made speechless earlier in the week when I gifted (as an early leaving-birthday-Christmas present) a shiny new Macbook.
I’d been getting increasingly frustrated with old faithful Edvard as he got hot under the collar trying to scan and print, run word and Chrome and power the battery for longer than an hour. In one of my mini tech-rages I made what I thought was an offhand comment out of frustration to Dad that I’d have to get a new one because the battery was stuffed and it was impossible to get anything done.
I’m not exaggerating. I was trying to print of a blank template register for work that night and 45 minutes later, Word was still loading, the fan was going in to overdrive and the whirly rainbow circle of doom was twirling frustratingly and entirely unhelpful in the centre of the screen.

I’m writing this on aforementioned shiny new Macbook and it is an absolute dream! I’ve had to charge the battery twice this week and I’ve been on it pretty much none stop since I got it up and running to try and tweak the blog and do some paperwork for my Wednesday classes.
Despite now feeling like an absolute Princess and completely spoiled, I hope Mama and Papa K know I meant it when I said it was too much.
The evening they gave me my present (wrapped in brown paper with rainbow butterflies printed on) I sort of just looked at it a lot and then panicked, telling Zac all the reasons I couldn’t accept it and cursing myself for being so impatient with Edvard.
Seeking validation for my feelings and not getting them from Zac, who was over the moon that he now got to inherit the ‘old’ one, I turned to Peeves, who was equally unhelpful and more excited about seeing the new improved Edvard when she was next back from the Toon.

I’ve just about got used to the idea of my new toy and because it’s not longer taking 40 minutes to write an email, I’ve found myself whizzing through those ‘To Do’ lists and accidentally spending hours researching South East Asia.
[Spoiler alert…we’re probably heading there our next big trip!]

This post has been something of a pre-emptive one, as once this goes live, we’ll already be in Scotland, hopefully out of signal range, enjoying Inverary, Oban and the surrounds. We both can’t wait to get up there, we’ve been planning it since November, which feels like a lifetime ago and despite only just coming back from Amsterdam, I think we’re both ready to take it easy for a week.

I got turned down for yet another job at the leisure centre (so now no catering to add to the no reception), but I did have an interview for a lifeguarding role that I feel went quite well – having said that, I didn’t think the other’s were complete car crashes either, but as it turns out, you never know.

While I’m slightly stressing about my lack of employment, Zac’s still plodding along at the call centre, upping his hours little by little and enjoying a bit more breathing room with some shifts including floor walking. I’m only worried about money because our long term plans are so dependent on finances and while I am contributing to the savings, I feel like because my hours are so sporadic and my teaching shifts so short that I’m not pulling my weight.
Cricket well and truly underway and the increased responsibility at work, added to the good weather and him joining me at the gym at Hood Park seem to lead to a much happier Zac (not that he ever really dips below slightly glum) and he’s been dealing with my money meltdowns with the utmost patience.


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