A&A; Randy and The Lumineers

For my 21st birthday I got a fish tank. I’d been promised it since my 18th and I was so excited. I was going to be the best fish Mum EVER.
We got a little plec called Mr. Sucky (original, I know) and he’s been my pride and joy ever since. Other fish have come and gone, but Mr. Sucky has survived moves, new tank mates, countless redesigns of his home.

This week Mr. Sucky died.
And I was gutted.

Mr. Sucky was my guy. I could sit and watch him for hours and he was definitely the boss of the tank. He was gorgeous too (if you’re a fish person, you’ll understand).
He’d not been ok all week: we knew something was up when he didn’t swim away as Zac walked in the room and by the end of the week, all he was doing was lying on the bottom, still desperately sucking on to the glass.
I tried to get him in to a hospital tank, but he wouldn’t have any of it and I didn’t want to stress him out. We figured he was still breathing, and fighting to stay in the tank but after trying everything else we could think of, buying a new filter and trying him on some different food he eventually died.

I knew it was coming, but it still made me really sad.
It was like the end of an era.

I didn’t have time to be sad though, I had to go to work, but when Zac came to pick me up, he turned left instead of right and I knew exactly where we were going.

While it might seem heartless moving on so quick, they always say there’s nothing to get you over the last one like getting under the next one.
Or is that boys?

Still…we headed to the fish shop to see if we could find a suitable plec to take Mr. Sucky’s place.

Naturally I also ended up getting a new pack of tetras, glow lights this time, called The Lumineers. The guppies have been moved in to the guppy tank downstairs and once everyone’s settled we’ll be looking out for a new centrepiece fish. It’s incredibly exciting.

There was some debate over what to call the new plec. Zac began naming wrestlers and I shot them all down until he said ‘Randy’ – unfortunately I really like it.
So Randy became Randy.
He’s terribly small – I was sure he looked much bigger in the tank in the shop, and I keep panicking we’ve lost him, or the other bigger fish have bullied him away.
And then we’ll see him in the corner of a rock, nomming away on the green stuff.
He looks incredibly happy.
And hungry…

Zac has new fish joy and it’s nice that he’s suddenly taking as much of an interest in my fish as I do.
I get regular updates from him on what Randy’s doing, complete with running commentary.


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