A&A; No Water, Head-butts and Long Overdue Curry

It’s been another busy week for us, we’re halfway through our NPLQ and while it’s a relatively intensive course (only taking up three weekends of our month) it feels like it’s been going on much longer with work in the week as well as jam packed weekends of learning and training!

The month already seems to be flying by and this week was full of it’s fair share of amusement and awkwardness.

As far as ‘First World Problems’ go, this week was a prime example of how ridiculously unequipped we are in the First World for anything out of the ordinary.

Severn Trent announced that the water supply had been contaminated with chlorine and as such we weren’t to use the water until further notice.
Cue pandemonium.
The list of postcodes were updated regularly and our postcode kept coming on and off the list.
I’d been blissfully unaware of the situation all afternoon and had merrily tidied the kitchen, drank countless cups of coffee and been flushing the toilet. Apparently all major ‘do not’s‘. I only found out about the situation when I went on to Twitter for a light feed read before starting to think about prepping dinner before I was off out to work.

Supermarkets were sold out of bottled water, people were going mental on social media in a flap about what to do and I was just sat there thinking: “There’s a problem with the water being over-chlorinated, well we’ll be absolutely fine then, I practically live in the pool!”

A quick ring to work to check we were still open for business that night as most of the other pubs in the town had shut up shop (postcode back off the list, Thunderbirds are go) and I sort of reverted right back to ‘travel mode’.

There’s a different level of accepted hygiene when you’re travelling. I’m not saying I don’t wash, but when you’re in and out of the ocean several times a day, living in the same bikini for six weeks, that counts as washing. Your trusty ‘shower in a can’, a spritz of scent and you’re good to go. Mostly you’re smelling like a heady mix of sweat and sun cream anyway.
Put simply: I can cope without showering before work this one time.
We weren’t affected in the end, so I could have flushed the toilet that one time before I left…

Another fantastically awkward moment from me was at the weekend, waiting to get changed for our poolside training. I was trying to show off to Zac and show him my incline pushups: completely misjudged it and ended up head butting the wall.
At quite the speed.
He ignored me.
I sat down feeling quite sorry for myself until the pain subsided enough for me to see the funny side.

The awesome this week was when we finally got what was a very long overdue curry.
We’d been dying to get takeaway from The Rickshaw since Christmas and it was always bad timing, we had other plans or we’d eaten crap that week or (mostly) we couldn’t afford it.

Takeaway curry is the one thing I miss in Australia: the other takeaway food is so good, the Asian food on offer is incredible, but they just can’t do curry.
Something Zac worked out after I forced him to have his first English curry.

With half of our friends in Australia competing in a fitness competition, we decided tonight was the night.
And my goodness it was worth it!


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