Road Trippin’; Wales and Chester (pt. 1)

With getting a car comes a huge deal of responsibility, not least of which fighting the near uncontrollable urge to just ‘get up and go’ every time we have a day off.
Right now we don’t have the money for extensive road trips, even with the car being super economical, filling it up every few days isn’t a realistic option for us, and while the car gives us a taste of our freedom, it’s a taste we want to savour!

Happy smiley (blurry) faces in the car 😊

It was, however, the first weekend with the car and the temptation was too much for Zac (and me) to resist.
We were planning on heading to York on Sunday to have a mooch around the Jorvick Centre, but with a weekend of drizzle forecast and the crushing news that the Jorvick Centre was closed because it had been hit by flooding at the start of the year, a change of plan was in order.

I was thinking scaling down and exploring closer to home. I had mentioned Wales and Chester and Scotland and all manner of places I thought were really out of the way.
Fast forward an hour and Zac’s sat in bed, engrossed in his Lonely Planet Great Britain book, iPad perched on his lap, googling places he wants to see.

Before he left for work on the Friday, he’d decided that we should go to Wales Saturday after I finished work and stop by Chester on the way home on Sunday.
I was left in charge of finding lodging’s for the night.
Me being me, I was torn between wanting to find something really different and not quite the ‘norm’, somewhere exceptionally pretty and somewhere within budget.
The last point was the killer.
Budget wasn’t really that strong, but in the end I managed to find this gorgeous little BnB, right out in the sticks, surrounded by nature and a stunning view of ‘the valleys’.

A wild Zac, scouring for new hunting grounds

Come Saturday, I found him sprawled on the sofa, Lonely Planet book in hand, map laid out, trying to find hidden treasures en route. I’d barely had chance to dry off from teaching before Zac was wanting to set off, keen to get there before the sun set.
The weather wasn’t on our side, but we did get to test the car’s automatic windscreen wiper system and after some brief fiddling, we’d got the music all set up: the important things when roadtrippin’.

Driving along together felt so familiar.
Living between two houses in Australia we were always making a half hour trip between the two (usually with a stop off for food and a hug from Mama G) and the first time we ever had a ‘moment’ was in the car, holding hands, listening to Georgia.
Not that we spent our whole time together in a car, but, especially towards leaving, we were always driving somewhere!

A pretty good idea of where we were staying

Coming up to Wales, and then driving along to find the BnB was country roads, pot holes and grass on the road (which as we all know means you’re really on holiday).

As we pulled up we were greeted by the warning barks of the BnBs guard dog, an absolute softy who really just wanted a bit of fuss once she’d decided you were friend and not foe, and the smiling face of the owner as we were blown into the house by the Welsh winds.
A quick flick through the guide book and after consulting the map with our host we were off in search of waterfall.
The elements were quickly turning from ‘Standard Wales’ to ‘Zombie Weather’ and Zac’s spidey senses had sniffed out a pizzeria in the town before, with visibility getting worse, night drawing close the rain beginning to pour we admitted defeat in our search and headed for pizza.
Fog drawing in, we made it back to our home for the night and snuggled up in bed with our pizzas and the crime channel (a new obsession).

A selfie in the room: standard!

It was cosy, thick fluffy duvet and soft downy pillows and I soon drifted off to sleep only to be awoken a few hours later by the wind tearing through the room, singing and banging the door.
I was trying to sleep through the din, but I could hear Zac shuffling around the room.
Trying my best to ignore everything and drift off again, I was beginning to worry about Zac driving tomorrow without a decent night’s sleep.
That can’t be good.
There was the ominous sound of creaking, followed by a frustrated grunt.
Ok, I’m awake now.
“Turn the light on, what’s going on?”
Turns out, Zac had managed to ‘lock’ the window open and in a vain effort to quieten the wind ripping through our room had taken his belt to strap the two windows shut and stop them from blowing open. I told him to look for a key, a BnB wouldn’t give you the option of locking a window without having the option to unlock it again.
I get up and walk over to inspect the window.
Testing my luck, I pushed the button on the handle and ‘unlocked’ the window. Smiling to myself, I started trying to get his belt off the handles so we could shut the windows properly, but Zac seemed to have snapped out of his ‘sleep logic’ and hurried me out of the way.


Giggling to each other we snuggled back into bed. Asking if he thought he’d be ok to drive, I gently teased:
“It’s ok babe, I know Australia’s a backwards culture, you’ve not come across substantially glazed windows before. Today was a learning day.”
Still half asleep, it took him a moment of protesting his defence to realise I was teasing and I got trapped in the duvet.  We did eventually drift off, and only slightly regretting agreeing to an 8am breakfast. Still, there was Wales to explore and I think the excitement of being in a different country was enough to keep Zac going.
After a final chin wag with the owner we got strapped in, picked some suitable driving tunes and headed off in search of a castle and an aqueduct.


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