A&A; New Job, Aching Muscles, Getting Back on Track

This week’s Awkward and Awesome is just all awesome. It’s a short but sweet update, largely due to how tired I’m feeling.
But it’s a good kind of tired.
It’s the sort of tired you’ve got when you know you’re training hard and you’ve been working hard too.

Zac’s just nipped off to cricket training, he thinks he’s found a club that he can play for this summer, which will be perfect.
I know he’s missed his sports since coming here, it was an awkward time of year, sports wise to come back and the only viable option (in my opinion) was rugby, but he didn’t want to get ‘smashed’.
An inevitable side effect of rugby.
We’ll have to see how sore he is when he gets back!

For me though, I’ve got another job, and I couldn’t be happier!
It’s just a waitressing/bar job, but it’s interacting with people, it’s busy, it’s hustle and bustle and food and I genuinely miss waitressing.
It’s not glamorous and it certainly doesn’t pay ‘well’, but I enjoy it, and when I’ve been so unlucky with work and so miserable when I have had it, it’s a blessing in disguise.

I had my first ‘proper’ shift last night, on the bar, which meant I didn’t finish until 1am. Poor Zac stayed awake for me in case I needed a lift, but I didn’t want him driving that tired, even the relatively short distance it is so I caught a lift back with a girl from work and faced his tired, worried wrath when I got in.
It was busy and I’d not managed to let him know when I’d be finishing, I’d got quite a few messages, increasingly angry/worried.

The only downside is I never know when I’m going to finish, it’s sort of night by night, stay until they need you. Which is fine for me, but makes planning tea a little harder and (understandably) puts Zac on edge when it’s late and he can’t get hold of me.

The new job has given me some more enthusiasm for life again, I’ve been working out (one way or another) most days this week, eating ‘properly’ and I feel like generally everything is back on track.
Yes, I’m tired and aching and yes right now, ‘DOMS got me like’, but I’m feeling much more positive about the coming weeks and months and I’m really looking forward to summer!


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