A&A; Hamstrings, Hips and Some Stress Busting Crafts

This week I’m writing my awkward and awesome while I wait for my homemade candles to set. I’ve had a strange old week, confidence has been knocked slightly and after tweaking my hammy I’ve not been physically able to get about as much, which has led to a cycle of hermit-ness.

Back to starting with the olde’ awks, but I set the week up in style by popping my him and tearing my hamstring while trying to demonstrate a surface dive on dry land.

I’m a tit.

I already know this, I’m happy with this. I’m accident prone, nothing I can do about it, I simply refuse to believe I’m not indestructible and unfortunately that leads to my fair share of injuries.
This is, however, the first time I’ve ever torn a muscle, so I’ve been giving Dr. Zac play by plays of what it feels like to make sure that it’s all normal (as my resident expert in torn muscles).
It’s not as bad as I first thought it was, I don’t think. It was more the initial fear of popping my hip back in (something I’ve not had to do for years) and feeling like a tent with a bent pole, about to collapse in on itself every time I walked that really threw me.
That and the fact the pain was near unbearable and I could hardly put any weight on my leg at all.

I’m walking around again now, I got back to that point very quickly, which meant I forgot that I’m actually very much still healing and after trying to swim a couple of laps the other day after lessons was sore and limping again.

I just wish someone had recorded the whole thing. I was pretty sure that I looked like this…but I’m sure it was more like this…

Standing Split

One day I’ll be able to at least do the thing on the right…

I’ve always wanted to be able to do the splits, ever since it was the only thing I couldn’t do at Gymnastics when I was younger: I could get close, but never the whole way down like the other girls and it used to annoy me so much.
It’s an anger I’ve harboured for 20 years, a slow burning fire.
But no more!

I, Rebecca Jane, will be able to do the splits by the end of 2016.
Game on, flexibility.

It’ll also be a nice distraction from the fact I can’t even get a job at Aldi…

I’d seen a video for homemade candles somewhere on the Internet a few weeks ago and I’d promptly bought everything I needed to make them…and then a within minutes of arriving back home, losing the motivation to make them and leaving all the ‘ingredients’ in the conservatory, feeling sorry for themselves.

I don’t know why, but Sunday night was the night I decided to make candles and to my delight, they were incredibly easy to make – they smell delicious AND they actually burn without being terrifying and dangerous.

I don’t know why I’m so happy about the fact I made candles, but while I was cooking up the wax and mixing in the oils, there was a sense of calm I’ve not felt for a while and it’s the first task in weeks I’ve managed to complete from start to finish in one sitting.
That’s a huge win for my attention span!

Spoiler alert: everyone is likely to get candles as presents this year…



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