Dechox: The British Heart Foundation Torture Month

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Anyone who knows me, or has had the unfortunate pleasure of living with me during lent (I’m especially thinking about Stacey and Lyds here, apologies ladies), then you’ll know how unbearable I am if I don’t get at least my daily chocolate.

To say I’m addicted to chocolate might be a little strong, but when lent rolls around every year and I go through my annual fast, it certainly seems like I have a pretty severe addiction and like every self respecting vegan, atheist and cross-fitter, you don’t have to worry about not knowing I’ve given up chocolate for lent because I’ll tell you about 12 times in five minutes.

mobileHeader_topThen one of my lovely FB friends posted a link the The British Heart Foundation’s website, where they’ve got a sponsored Dechox for the month of March, to help raise funds, and awareness largely about coronary heart disease.
I much prefer it when everyone’s hearts are beating exactly as they should and Zac lost his Dad to heart problems when he was young, so it seemed only right to actually do some good with my annual chocolate fast this year.

As such, I’m extending my torture past the end of lent, to the end of March.
As of Feb 10th, there’ll be no chocolate passing these lips, that means no mochas.
This is the true horror of my sacrifice.
I jest.

But seriously: Wispas are 2 for £1, and you can either click on that handy button at the top of the page to donate, or you can text BCHX59 £1 to 70070 and help raise money for heartbeats over treats.

And I absolutely promise I won’t complain this year…



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