A&A: Fake Jobs and Giving

This week’s Awkward and Awesome stem from a largely uneventful week. A shorter than usual post, this week has spawned more detailed updates, I feel more creative than I have for a while. It was one of those weeks that was over before you knew it and while I don’t really feel like we got anything done at all, our Australia total is ticking away quite nicely.
As January ebbs away, the future is looking a little bit brighter…

I’m going to start with the awesome this week, because I usually start with the awkward, but this week I’ve been consumed with the addiction of ‘giving’.

Knowing that I’m starting a new life on the other side of the world, there’s real sense of liberation. Possessions, clothes, books, stuff that I’ve not even thought about while I was away has been really easy to just get rid of.

Every time I send a bag off to the charity shop, or sell something on eBay, I get a little bit lighter. eBay is just a cheeky bonus really, I’m trying to purge my possessions anyway and if I make a bit of extra cash for Aus, then it’s a bonus, otherwise, it’s all still doing good whether in a new home, or helping to support one of Ashby’s many charity shops…

I was so enthralled by my new found love for giving, I wrote a whole separate post about it.

As with any week, there was a fair amount of awkward, but I think perhaps the greatest ‘awkward’ of them all came with Zac receiving a job offer that turned out to be too good to be true.

He’s still not been given the all clear to go back to work, and try as I might, I’m getting increasingly frustrated with him always being around. It’s not that I don’t love getting to spend so much time with him, but just like you don’t appreciate your days off when you’re unemployed, it’s hard to enjoy his company when it’s the only option I have: I’m skipping the gym just so I can get a few hours to myself.
Now don’t get me wrong, I’m a people person and love being surrounded by fellow humans, but I function much better when I can have an hour or two a day to not have to talk to anyone, to be quiet and trowel the Internet for articles, read, make something, bake something, sing, something alone. I like my own company…some of the time.
It’s about the balance.
And, on a more selfish note, we’re losing income with him not being at work. We were only just back on to both of our wages, this month it’s up to me to pay the bills (which actually I’m more than happy about, because I hate other people paying for me), but with me choosing to leave the call centre to teach, and him going from agency to direct, the next pay we’ll both get will be March.

So when Zac got offered a job with an Advertising company who’d seen his CV online at £13.50 an hour (after tax), we were adding up those pounds and mentally back in Australia before the summer was over.


An ‘example’ of ‘Media Fire’s’ work

There were just a few things that didn’t add up…
– They’d found his CV on the same job site that mine was on, and on the base of it, when you read in to the job role itself: I’m way more qualified to do it (I’m not saying Zac wouldn’t have been brilliant at this fictional job, but I’m in £40k of debt for a degree that is directly linked to the industry, something you’d hope would go in your favour!)
– They wanted him to pay to do a ‘fraud check’. Now the cheque itself is a legit check on the Government website, but they send you to a third party in order to carry out the check. Initially Zac was told it would be £10 to do this and then he’d recoup the money back in his first pay check, but when he went to apply for the check it was a whopping £100.
– We couldn’t find the company or their associate on social media or LinkedIn, the website itself looked incomplete and there wasn’t a lot to go on, online when we were doing our research.
Something just felt wrong, and after Zac’s Mum had a look into things her end for us, it turned out to all be a scam, another incarnation of the same company and from the sounds of it, they make their money by taking the fraud check fee and never being heard from again.

We did some serious online detective work. Catfish, eat your heart out.
And even though I was pleased for him if it was real, there was that little inner princess that was stomping her feet and crossing her arms, saying it wasn’t fair, wanting to know why she hadn’t got the job.
As it happens, the same day we went to suss out the offices Zac was given the all clear to go back to work, with reduced hours.


We’ve all been there…

So from Wednesday he’s out of my hair again, albeit for 4 hours a day, but it’s something that’s good for both of us! Thankfully we didn’t try and find the money for the fraud check.
If a job like that came along then it would just be so ideal, for our plans, for the ultimate goal, but there’s that part of us (that we undoubtedly inherited from our parents) that believes nothing worth having came easy and we’re willing to do everything it takes (blood, sweat and tears) to make it happen.


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