A&A; Fear of Affection and Team GB Sponsors

I write this weeks ‘Awkward & Awesome’ in an empty bath, covered head to toe in my Frank coffee scrub, waiting for the magic to work.  
Messy as it is, ‘Franking‘ is my favourite ‘at home’ treat and delicious DIY pampering definitely suitably on at least a weekly basis.

My awkward this week is something that has been keeping Zac and I laughing all week and stems from my apparent fear of affection – giving poor Zac a bit of a complex, I think.

We were just messing around in the kitchen, I think I was probably cooking and Zac leans in for a cheeky smooch.
I’m in my own world at this point and the sudden appearance of his face, lips pouted, ready to plant one startles me somewhat and I essentially scream in his face.
I then descend into giggling fit where I’m unable to compose myself long enough to reciprocate his affectionate efforts and it takes 4 more hours until he finally gets his kiss.

Worst thing was, it happened again later in the week and he’s been teasing me about it since.

Not my fault! Just don’t catch me off guard with a great big kiss!

My awesome is a strange one, and perhaps comes from a slightly irresponsible place, but a place we’ve all been at some point.

I quit my job.

  I have no other work lined up, I’m don’t have another job to go to and I don’t have any money.
I hated it. So I quit.
There’s no plan B.
And oh my goodness, it feels good!

I’ve been more relaxed than I have for fricking ages and an abundance of free time means I’ve started doing some of my crafty things again (in the hopes I’ll be able to accumulate enough home made goodies to sell at car boots when the weather gets better again…)

I did actually have an interview at Aldi this week (of all places…I’ve famously always been a bit of an Aldi snob, having never set foot in one until I was in Melbourne, but now money is so tight, I’m a huge fan!).
After talking manager and going through options in terms of hours (they generally tend to offer 16 – 20 hour contracts), I’m really excited at the prospect of working there, and apparently a lot of people from the call centre have moved to Aldi for similar reasons to me.
Plus, you can’t argue with the pay: £8.15, going up to £8.40 in Feb.
So, if I get a job, by the time I start, it’ll be £8.40; even with a shorter contract, I can get a similar wage, ish…but I’ll have more free time and then I can do some more teaching work. And generally, it’s supposed to be an active job, so that’s also a major plus: my general fitness has also taken a massive hit being sat around all day at work, which leaves my motivation at all time low to hit the gym, so then I feel worse when I do because I’ve not been for a few days and not been training consistently for the last few months and it’s a vicious cycle of self loathing at the moment.

I am of course, not pinning all my hopes on this, but right now it would slot in perfectly around trying to make money and trying to keep me happy! And the extra free time would mean I can do all the busy bumble jobs I’m doing at the moment (which are, in my mind at least, all jobs directly leading to the ultimate goal: Australia).

Team-GBAnd best of all, Aldi are sponsoring Team GB.
We all know how patriotic I get with sporting events. Australia may have my heart, but when it comes to the crunch, I’ll always be a Pom and my chest will forever swell with pride when the opening chords of our dreary National Anthem ring out.


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