A&A: Sinus Infections and Big Decisions

This week has been a bit of an emotional rollercoaster, not just because I’m feeling a little run down (to say the least). I’ve been tearing up at the drop of a hat and poor Zac had to just sit there, holding me Sunday night because I was crying uncontrollably for no reason.
Well…he had just accidentally knelt on my arm, but my reaction was disproportionate to the pain I was in and the situation. But I think, there is light at the end of the tunnel and there’s certainly more clarity in my life now.
Cue checklists and errands and life admin and Becky feeling on top of things again.

My awkward this week comes down to my immune system failing on me again. It would be wrong of me to say that I don’t have much luck when it comes to my health, because generally I manage to dodge all the little bugs and colds and viruses that catch everyone else: I just get stuck with all the big stuff.
I finally admitted defeat at the start of the week and went to see the Doctor (after being sent home for the second time that week). Turns out I have quite a nasty sinus infection, so the antibiotics have started and would you believe? Suddenly I’m feeling much better!
It was nice having Zac look after me over the weekend as well – even if I did have to call him at work to come and pick me up because I’d vommed everywhere.
BUT: that’s not the main reason my sinus infection is featuring in awkward this week…
After being sent home again on Monday, I downed the breakfast smoothie Zac had made for me on Saturday, that I’d forgotten to take to work and started on my merry way around Woolworths to pick up some bits for dinner.
Get to the self scan checkouts and start to feel very hot and sweaty, a little bit queasy, but not unmanagable.
And then from nowhere my breakfast smoothie decides to make a reappearance.
Turns out it looks the same on the way out as it does on the way in…
I knew it was happening and panicked, trying to take my gilet off in time to catch it, or something and just end up vomming all down myself.
The poor girl on self-scan went and got me a ton of wet wipes and sort of tentatively helped dab down the worst of it from a safe distance.

I can never return to that Woolworths again.

I was finding seeds in my handbag buckles all week.

My awesome this week is actually kind of huge.
I’m expecting quite a few people to say they either saw it coming, or were expecting it, or whatever else, but the fact a decision has been made means there is, in my mind at least, no more denial.

Zac and I are moving to the UK.

Boom. Wrote it. It’s on the Internet. It’s real.
He’s been flirting with the idea for a few months, semi-serious about it ever since the reality of me being 10,000miles away started to set in and definitely doing it since he applied for his passport on Monday.
So we’re doing it.
And we’re all serious.
And we’re going to live together in England while I’m working on the visa to come back to Melbourne.
My plan is of course, always, to come back, but while all the paperwork and governments and legal boring stuff is being sorted, we’re going to be having a British adventure together!

And I’m stupidly excited for him, because he’s never left Australia before! Like, ever.


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