A&A; Killer Mirrors and Real Sport

Winter has well and truly set in in Melbourne and I’m really feeling the cold, meaning anything ‘pretty’ I can add to the house is making all the difference in terms of keeping Becky from getting those Winter Blues.

This week’s awkward provided a much needed laugh after a bit of a stressful week at work.
I’d treated myself to a little set of three mirrors and had bought some of those invisible sticky hooks that should have been more than strong enough to handle the little mirrors. The mirrors themselves are all a slightly different shape and still have slightly sharp edges, they’re literally just the mirrored glass, no frame.
I had however, been slightly impatient and not left them the ‘x’ amount of time before safely hanging the mirrors.
Zac was skeptical that the hooks would hold, but after putting the first hook and mirror up successfully, I went about abusing his height to get the rest of the mirrors in place above the bed – my aim was to create some kind of mirror-y head board.
While we were getting set up I accidentally kicked his iPad off the bed. Zac responded with lightening fast reflexes and managed to Jackie Chan the iPad and catch it, one handed while I was entirely oblivious trying to work out what had just happened.

We laugh and then snuggle up into bed. I’m feeling pretty proud of my mirror hanging and start to get immersed in my book. I see Zac look up and ask him what he’s up to
“Well after nearly flinging my iPad across the room it would be just my luck if one of those mirrors took my head off.”
I told him not to be so ridiculous and he lies down to sleep.
Next thing I know there’s a bit of a bang and Zac has leapt up.
“I knew you were trying to kill me!”
I look up from my book and try to work out what’s happened.
“The mirror just nearly sliced my head off!”
I still couldn’t work out what he was talking about until I looked up in time to see the other mirror come crashing down passed my head and slide down between the bed and the wall.

Needless to say we are mirror headboard less.

My awesome for this week a really big awesome.
I’m a huge rugby fan and unfortunately I picked the wrong state to move to to be a huge rugby fan. Everyone here follows the weird quidditch type sport of Aussie Rules and no matter how hard I try and understand the rules, I still yell ‘Try’ every time they score and can’t understand why they were punching the ball.
Which was why I was thrilled to get tickets to see the last game of the season for Melbourne Rebels.
It was a freezing cold night, and sort of a last minute decision: we’d mentioned going to Herch a few times in previous weeks but until the day of we didn’t think it was going to happen!

Turn up, wrapped up in as many layers as I could find, scoffing a Southwest Chicken burger from Maccy’s and guzzling a mocha and Herch hands me a Tigers shirt.
Home pride much.

The game itself wasn’t that exciting, but we got to meet the Honey Badger after and there was a surprising (or not…) number of Tigers supporters in the crowd who were happy to chant ‘Tigers’ along with us.
I shouldn’t be surprised – it’s the last Union match in Melbourne of the season, of course we were all there to savour some ‘real’ sport.

I’m also so excited that Zac enjoyed the game enough to agree to going to some more matches over in the UK if we’re ever both that way on.


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