A&A: New Bed and Finally Getting Back To It

Whether it’s just my memory being rubbish (very likely given I’ve not been writing things down…) or if I’ve somehow managed to break physics, but this week’s ‘A&A’ is just awesome and awesome.

Moving in to the new house has been great, I’ve had my first B12 injections and I’ve started getting back into my training as well. I’ve had a few tentative sessions over the weekend with Zac and then I’m back to the usual routine of Reformer and swimming next with, with a cheeky sesh thrown in with Stef (who I hope doesn’t kick my arse too much, although I am requesting leg day…).
I’ve also started another blog where I talk about how incompetent I am my take on fitness and all things healthy; recipes and reviews and general chit chat that I didn’t want cluttering up this little space.
Exciting times.
So without further ado…

First things first, my new bed arrived! And it’s incredibly comfortable.
I’ve bought an electric blanket, there will eventually be enough cushions to start a boutique on the bed and best of all it fits into my room. This was a given, but me being me, I was concerned that I’d bought a bed that was too big and I was going to have to live in the lounge…
The fairy lights went up the night before last (very important) and I’ve got a rough plan for how I want the rest of the room to be laid out.
I can’t wait to get my room sorted – it’s going to be an ongoing project I think and I’m careful to spend any real money on my room until I have my visa sorted and I’m definitely here for the long run. But I’ve got a good feeling about all of that and I don’t want it to marr how happy I am to have a bed!
First night in the house was wonderful and I’m sure we have many, many more happy nights to come. We’ve already had plenty of visitors, it’s going to be a good house I think.

I’m stubborn.
Actually, I’m incredibly stubborn. And headstrong and independent. I hate not being able to do things and I hate being told to take things easy and chill out. I tend to buck against whoever is dishing me the advice and go twice as hard anyway. But I was pretty freaked out when everything stopped working and with all the potential diagnosis’ still up in the air, I’m actually listening to advice and not going too hard at the moment.
I’ve been wanting to get back into training again, but I know what I’m like, and I also know that I’m still pretty clueless in the gym apart from legs and cardio – two things I should possibly not open with after a few weeks off and being ill.
So it was lovely (and slightly unexpected) when Zac said that he wanted to train together.
We’d sort of made a rule that we weren’t going to train together, but, perhaps out of wanting to get a feature on my blog, or out of concern we ‘smashed out’ a chest day yesterday.
I put smashed out in ” because I didn’t feel like I’d done very much, although as it’s the first time I’ve ever trained my chest/set foot in the free weights area, I didn’t really do that bad.
I’m struggling to type or hold the phone or raise my arms too high today, but I didn’t do that bad.
Although I need to work on actually getting some colour on the bar, next time…


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