A&A: Accidentally Homeless and Treading the Boards

To say it’s been a tumultuous week is putting it lightly. It’s been one of those weeks that you’re sure won’t end, and every day seems to bring something new that you’re secretly certain you don’t deserve. It’s been a ‘character building’ week – the kind where I argue I don’t need any more character and fluctuate between being wildly dismayed at how hard it can be being an adult and feeling like I’ve got everything under control. It’s certainly ended better than it’s started, but I don’t think I’ll feel like I’ve really seen the back of it until mid next week…

I’ll start with the awkward, because it sets up for the awesome. Long story short, I was a bit of a tit.
I knew we had to be out of the house we were looking after on Tuesday, but I’d got it into my head it was next Tuesday. Em had been ramping up the cleaning over the weekend and I hadn’t really paid that much attention, I just assumed she wanted to get on top of things with being on placement.
I went to swimming on Tuesday, come back home and there’s Em frantically shoving clothes into bags, her Dad’s wandering around the house and there’s a sense of urgency in the air.
The conversation went something as follows.
“Oh! Hello! You ok? Need a hand with anything?”
“Well you need to start packing your stuff too.”
“I will, but closer, sure you don’t want me to help with anything?”
“You know we need to be out tonight?”

Packing wasn’t necessarily the problem, the problem was that at this stage we still hadn’t officially got the house, I had nowhere to go and no idea how I was going to move my stuff to nowhere.
Possibiilties raced through my head and then Zac texted.
Wasn’t what I wanted, certainly would be ideal, but a light bulb suddenly pinged above my head. He’d been moaning that he wanted to see me that night: be careful what you wish for, eh?
A few garbled texts later and I was moving in to his place until Saturday, when we could get the keys to the house and then I’d move in.
The fact I hadn’t got a bed, at this point, hadn’t even crossed my mind.

I got back around 6:30, by 9:15 Zac and I were driving back to his.
I’d just like to take this moment for you all to appreciate how impressed I am with myself and my ability to pack.
Although, as I said to Em, I did feel like we were in a war and if we didn’t get out soon the German’s (or whoever) would get us.

The whole ride back to his I was a strange combination of stressed and relieved.
“I’m not moving in you know. This is temporary and I didn’t want to have to move to yours. I’m not moving in.”
I need my space, besides which I don’t think it’s a good idea to move in with someone you’ve been dating for less than a month, regardless of your situation.
In this instance, however, it was the most convenient option.
Driving to the same place every day for work, at the same time.
The only problem is his house is so cold, and there’s a distinct lack of fairy lights.


New keyring for my new keys.

New keyring for my new keys.

It’s from this point that the awesome very quickly follows on.
Tuesday night, after a frantic Monday on phone calls and a bit of jigging around finances we’d paid the bond and first month’s rent.
Thursday morning I went down to the Estate Agents and picked up the leases.
Friday Em and I signed.
I bought a bed and managed to arrange for delivery on my next day off on Tuesday.
Saturday Em picked up the keys.
Saturday night I stepped inside my new home.

Thank God it was still as wonderful as I remembered! Floorboards throughout, a bedroom for me that just ‘felt right’ with space for a nice big bed overlooking our huge garden and gorgeous living room.
Proper pictures will of course follow. But I’ve finally got somewhere to call home and I have my own set of keys for the first time in months, which is a much more settling feeling than you might imagine.


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