A&A; First Dates & Uniform Nightmares

Good morrow fair people of blog land.
Literally no idea why I thought that was a good way to start a blog post. No matter, this week has me in an exceptionally good mood.
An early Awkward and Awesome this week, because Lyds is back from her travels tomorrow and we’ve got a super fun day of spontaneity planned, so I won’t have time to write it all down!
One of those weeks where you feel unstoppable, like they could actually write your life into a movie and people would pay to watch it type of good.

Perhaps I’m exaggerating?
Perhaps it’s all the extra exercise because I started my new job!
Or perhaps it’s because I got asked on a date…

We’ll start with the awkward, although both revolve around my new job, I have a feeling I might spend a little too long on the awesome.

So my uniform for the new job is a shirt, sort of super sexy, but it’s light blue.
It’s a complete disaster!
The usual nerves struck me when I got told I was going to be given uniform, namely that it won’t fit, partly due to the boob/shoulder combo I’m permanently rocking and partly due to my crippling (at times) self esteem that I’m just too fat for ‘one size fits all’.
They didn’t actually have a 14 in as the rest of the staff are tiny women with pecs instead of boobs, so they’re having to order one in and in the mean time, I’m wearing a size 12 with a vest top – they’re literally on show all day and there’s no way I’m putting up with the neck pain of wearing a sports bra 24/7.
Add to the fact the only appropriate skirt I have is a figure hugging pencil skirt and I feel like an absolute tool wandering around the gym dressed up to the nines when everyone else is comparatively ‘sports luxe’.
I need to get some trousers or a skirt, but right now don’t have the cash for it and Australia is seriously letting me down on the uniform front – I’m longing for New Look!

I’m still getting used to the gym, dreading the day someone asks a question I don’t have the answer to, blagging my way through 60% of the tours, not quite going for the hard sell, but somehow managing to get people joining anyway…but those nervy sweats are killing me.
I’m already high base levels of uncomfortable with the pencil skirt situ, add to that the fear of sweat patches, add to that usual first week on the job nerves and it’s a bloody nightmare.
I feel like there should have been some kind of memo before I started that I’m a sweaty person, I need to be excluded from baby blue.

For now I’m doing the only thing I can: investing in extra strong deodorant and a rooting out my cardigan!

So…this whole date business, eh?
It’s been a while since someone’s flirted with me, and I was doing the whole ‘single lady’ thing pretty well – it’s enjoyable to be a bit of a predator and believe me, there’s plenty of eye candy when you work at a gym.
But, to cut a long story short, one of the PTs at the gym asked me out and I was kind of like: “Fuck it! What do I have to lose?”

His name’s Zac and he’s super tall, which was immediately something going in his favour, he gave me a hug instead of a handshake on my first day because I was so bloody nervous and my hands were so sweaty I tried to pretend I hate shaking hands (which was super sweet, he had to bend down a fair bit, ridiculously awkward, but sweet) and then he tried to casually ask me how old I was – rusty as I may be I was pretty sure that’s a big clue someone’s in to you.
Only thing is he’s younger than me.
Not by a lot, but he’s not even 21 yet.
Tomorrow. He’s 21 tomorrow. That’s an acceptable age gap, right?

So he took me for a training session to ‘show me the equipment’ and ‘help me sell it’.
We’d been for lunch the day before and he’d been interrogating me about my favourite music and told about this band…British Tea Party, something, I can’t remember, he seems to think I’ll like them.
I just couldn’t get a gauge on this guy.
He talks and talks and talks and…you serious can’t shut him up and you have to kind of just strap in and get words in where you can. Which should be super annoying, but it’s sort of redeemable because he’s interrupting his own question about you with another question about you, like he’s so excited to find out more he can’t wait for the answer.
Although sometimes a conversation with him feels a bit like: “What the hell just happened to me?”
But he’s like that with everyone, so I had no idea if he was actually trying to flirt with me or not.
And then mid set of box jumps, he stops me, not to fix my technique, but to compliment my odd socks.
My awkward seems to match his.

So we were stretching and he asked if I liked movies and somehow agreed to go to the cinema with him on Friday.
I’m not sure if I was nervous or not, I think I was just kind of excited to see what might happen, and I only changed my outfit, like, twice.

We wanted to see Get Hard but stuffed up the timings, so ended up seeing Fast and Furious 7, which I was a bit ‘meh’ about, but Zac was paying so I didn’t really mind if I hated the film (is that bad?).
Nearly an hour in and he still hadn’t tried anything, I was actually kind of getting in to the film, but I was concerned I’d judged it all wrong and this really wasn’t going to work, and then he finally pulled the whole stretch arm reach around move.
Gentleman that he was, didn’t try anything else and we left the cinema pretending like nothing had happened.
We were then locked out, absolute disaster, I was getting tired and was feeling a little silly for thinking it was a ‘date date’ at this point and then we were seemingly trapped in the shopping centre with no way to get back to the car, so I was trying my best to hide the crazy, but I was about to get shitty with him, and then we found our way out (up the ramp the cars usually come in, I pretended to drive, he pretended to be the passenger).
He leans over the barrier to show me something, I go over and pretend that it’s pretty (it was a fricking shopping centre lit up, not the most picturesque thing I’ve ever seen) and then he leans in, and I’m like: “Oh my goodness! Finally!”

And then he kissed me.
And it started to rain even more.
And it was like the movies.
Actually it was super cute and it was a really nice kiss, but I was getting caught in the moment and started worrying about a million things: including whether it was appropriate to be kissing a boy you’ve known for 3 days and how wet I was getting.
So I pulled away and told him I was cold and wanted to get back in the car.
And we drove home, holding hands.
And it just felt so good.

And I don’t know how I feel about the whole thing.
I like him, and he looked so different not in gym clothes, good different.
And he’s super tall and on the one hand I really want to get carried away with my feelings and see where it goes, but on the other hand, I only just started my job, I’ve not even been there a week, there are so many unwritten rules about dating people from work and I don’t want to get a reputation before I’ve even begun.
And he doesn’t act like a nearly 21 year old, but he’s so…young. Right?
So I’m going round to his for dinner for his birthday (meeting Mum, eek, yeah, don’t really do ‘slow’, do I?) and Lyds is back so I can give her a full debrief and see what she thinks.

Girly opinions are important.


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