A&A: Forward Germans and Australian Adventures

I’ve been weirdly emotional this week, but not in a weepy sit around and mope way, more brash, dead inside, don’t care but secretly am hurting and need someone to break through my tough exterior and tame the strong independent women I am.
I’ve been channeling Beyonce this week.
I read an article on ‘Elite Daily‘ about being an Alpha Female and now I’m slightly obsessed with being ‘alpha’, so when a couple of Germans, without prompting called me alpha I felt like the cosmos had aligned. With the summer holidays nearly over Lucy and I planned a last minute adventure to Sydney.

I love being spontaneous when it comes to travel plans.
I love the idea of being spontaneous, but I like having nearly every detail in place. I’m a walking contradiction.
So I knew we were going to Sydney, and we could have planned it sooner, but I sort of liked that the weekend before we booked flights and accommodation and sort of went: ‘Fuck it!’
It’s been strange because Lucy is here for so much longer, she’s got a whole 3 months to fill with Australian adventures and her money only has to stretch that far, but with me living here, my weekend away is just that: a weekend.
I can’t just extend my stay because I like a place, I can’t go for longer because I have to go back to work and I can’t spend too much money because I’ve been off for the summer and I’m still playing catch up with my savings after being off before Christmas with my shoulder.
There’s so much stuff I’d like to do in Sydney, but we’ve got the basics planned. There’s going to be a lot of walking and I’m excited to fully immerse myself as a tourist and do the ‘main events’.

We’d gone to the night market, as we do most Wednesday’s and were loving all the food and the music and the general atmosphere of the place.
Lydia and I often get mistaken for sisters and we have joked on more than one occasion that we’re the ultimate pulling team for this very reason. We often also seem to be mistaken as German: Lyds can speak a bit of German, but not enough, or often enough to be mistaken as a national.
This particular night Lydia gets stopped and asked if she’s German. We’re friendly ladies, so stop to indulge this chap who turns out to also be German and then begins trying to get Lyds to go round the Night Market with him.
Two minutes later his friend turns up and starts talking to me, joking that German Boy is always making friends, they can’t leave him alone for 5 minutes.
Another few minutes later a third friend appears and what could only be a completely unplanned event, there is a friend for each of us ladies.
A German, An Italian and a Brit – sounds like the precursor for a terrible joke…
After a few minutes I get bored of indulging the blatent pick up and start trying to (politely) leave. Lucy is busy bonding as the Brit is from Bristol (they’re practically neighbours). Lydia’s conversation with the German is hilariously disasterous for me and as I eavesdrop I hear such classics as:
“We should be married. I’ll wed you and we’ll be happy forever.”, “Our children will be beautiful, we’ll call the boy Jesus” and who can forget “Let’s run away together right now.”
Poor Lydia.
Eventually I feel her pulling on my sleeve and I realise German is holding her hand and won’t let go.
I then stop being polite and say that we’re leaving and he’s going to let go of my friend before I get really mean.
Italian then turns to her friends and says:
“Look at this one. She’s the alpha. Alpha female. Look at that body language, you don’t mess here.”
I was secretly fist pumping the air, but inside I just wanted to leave.

Thankfully we let alive, un-impregnated and still single.


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