Brighton to St. Kilda

Today we did something very special.
Today was a sunrise trip to the beach.
It’s all been a bit none-stop this week, but given neither Lucy or I have been sleeping too well of late, it made sense to make the most of waking up at 5am and head to the beach to see the sunrise.
Brighton beach has been on my list since I arrived, they’ve got rows of beach huts, much like the ones in Whitby that are all brightly painted.
It always seemed ‘too far away’ for a trip; I guess we’d just got the hang of going to St. Kilda and Acland Street is always pretty good for coffee or brunch or cocktails (depending what kind of beach trip we’ve got in mind), but actually Brighton is perhaps easier to get to, and in my opinion, the beach is much nicer than St. Kilda!

Sunrise panoramic: slightly cloudy, but still beautiful.

Sunrise panoramic: slightly cloudy, but still beautiful.

Talk of sunrise escapades had been rife the night before and I think until the alarm went off at 5am, none of us were really convinced we were going to do it.
I woke Lydia and Lucy up, slightly bleary eyed, but overall entirely too excited about our adventure.
There’s something about being awake before everyone else that fills me with a strange sort of joy. The knowledge you’ve got a whole day’s work done before some people are even out of bed. I like feeling productive and an early morning adventure is nothing if not entirely productive.

The beach huts all brightly painted, lined up, reminding me of home

The beach huts all brightly painted, lined up, reminding me of home

A precariously balanced, timed shot.

A precariously balanced, timed shot.

As we paced down to the beach, it soon became very apparent that, while the sun WAS rising, it was rising where we were. We couldn’t work out exactly where it was rising, either, so had to make do, paddling about in the sea, watching the day slowly dawn over Melbourne. I’d often seen pictures on Instagram of Melbourne’s skyline, filled with hot air balloons, so I was delighted when I realised this was a regular occurrence, not just a photoshop trick. As the minutes ticked by and the day drew lighter, I couldn’t help but feel incredibly lucky to be where I was.
Melbourne is a beautiful city, and here I was, at the start of a new day, surrounded by friends, sand between my toes, paddling about in the sea.

Taken by Lucy - you can see now why I fangirl her work quite so much. She's simply fantastic.

Lydia and I enjoying a paddle in the early morning sunshine. Taken by Lucy – you can see now why I fangirl her work quite so much. She’s simply fantastic.

More and more people began to arrive and before the beach filled with opportunistic dog walkers and runners, we decided there was nothing better for it, but to de-robe and jump in for a quick dip.
I often struggle with just running into the sea. I have a fear of the unknown when it comes to the ocean and I’m much happier if I can have a snorkel about first and work out what’s underneath me. Trying to not be such a pansy, I followed the girls into the ocean, keeping my feet off the floor at all times, one faint cry of ‘Shark!’ away from bolting back to shore.
It was cold.
At one point, much to Lucy and Lydia’s amusement, I mistook a large rock underfoot for a shark and after a few moments hysterical laughing, pretending I was ok, I realised I wasn’t and bolted back to the safety of dry land and the beach, hoping to encourage the others to do the same.

Obligatory selfie with the 'Australia' beach hut

Obligatory selfie with the ‘Australia’ beach hut

We headed down the beach in search of food, stopping to admire the huts along the way and take some more pictures. We of course had to stop for some snaps in front of the Australia beach hut and while we pondered how often they were painted and their designs changed, we realised we were fast becoming caught up in a steady stream of joggers with no obvious signs of a brunch hole near by.
After walking for about half an hour we finally asked someone for some guidance and were pointed in the direction of North Point Cafe. Outside was littered with cycles and as we entered the place was full with regulars and cyclists, stopping in for refreshment to break up their early morning rides.

Obviously brunch was on the cards

Obviously brunch was on the cards

Naturally we had a spot of brunch, although it was actually just plain old breakfast – at this point we hadn’t even hit 9am, but it felt like we’d spent a full morning frolicking about on the beach.
Instead of my usual Eggs Benedict, I had a delicious pesto and egg type thing on toast: anything with pesto in and I’m sold! The coffee was delicious and just what we needed: it wasn’t an overly warm morning and despite the walk, I was still a little chilly from our swim.
We ploughed through breakfast, consulted a map and reasoned, given we were half-way to St. Kilda any way, we’d finish the walk and head all the way up. It was a gorgeous walk and everyone was in high spirits as the clouds began to burn off and the sun came out to play.

I love this photo of Lucy and I, with Melbourne in the background.

I love this photo of Lucy and I, with Melbourne in the background.

There were such great views the whole way along and I really love walking along while everyone is working out: jogging next to you, stretching, walking the dogs. I really like the positive attitude towards and active lifestyle in Melbourne. Whether it was the time of day, the lack of sleep or the incredible brunch, I was loving every minute of out of breath ‘Excuse me‘s and disgruntled growls as we got in the way of stream after stream of power walkers and serious runners as we continued our leisurely stroll along the coast.

All in all I had such a wonderful morning, I’m definitely going to drag Lydia down to Brighton for a sunrise stroll again.


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