Lovely Lucy

This week has been a bit hectic.
Feeling all out of sorts and not quite sure what to do myself, I’d been throwing myself around at the gym, in the pool, at the 735 gym (that’s right, we turn our living room into a gym, and what?!).
Sleep had gone out of the window.
I was manic.
Up and down all day, and fidgety, incredibly fidgety.
Whether it was excitement, stress, mania or just a restless soul, it was all fixed by the arrival of the ever beautiful Miss Baker.

My first friend at Uni, we bonded over baking: I was bored of the phatic conversation, and I was keen to make Bath my home, that meant baking, in this instance brownies.
To this day, I still make brownies when I know I’m going to see Lucy, it’s just not the same without them.
(Which, incidentally, I need to get on with!)
We’d made our Melbourne plans independently of each other – great minds do think alike, it would seem – and while she’s on her big Aus adventure, it makes sense we get some quality time together.

Still unable to sleep, I was awake in plenty of time to meet Lucy at the airport. Armed with baking, water and a sign, I made my way to the airport, filled with my usual excitement to be going to the airport and an added buzz about who I was meeting.
Plane delayed two hours nearly used up all my resources, but thankfully, my puppy like energy is enduring.
Not wanting her to lose time with jet lag, and keen for Melbourne to take a special place in her heart, we started as we meant to go on: The Australian Open.
“What did you do on your first day in Australia?”
“Oh I went to the Australian Open.”

Enjoying the sun while we watch a spot of tennis

Enjoying the sun while we watch a spot of tennis

With tickets provided by Sport Lived, we’d arrived at the open later than the others (stupid Kuala Lumper, delaying Lucy’s flight).
As it turned out, we weren’t quite as jammy as they were, with the boys upgrading to see Federer and the girls upgrading to see Murray. Not deterred, we snuck into one of the matches with the small names and enjoyed the sunshine.
As we heated up, jet lag began to set in and our interest in tennis began to waive – a text from the boys saying they’d been given free tickets to the Murray match (in the same spot we’d been in 5 minutes previously) was the final nail in the coffin and we set off in search of something cold to drink.
Lucy had her first slurpee.

You never forget your introduction to the slurpee.

You never forget your first…an introduction to the slurpee.

Yesterday was Lucy’s birthday.
In England, that usually means, grey, wet, cold, miserable weather. At best a spot of snow, but with the forecast set to tip 35, there was nothing for it, but to head to the beach.
We were both up early, and with the clouds still covering the sky when we headed out to St. Kilda.

Birthday dips in the sea

Birthday dips in the sea

Gazing out to sea

Gazing out to sea

We arrived and the beach was empty – a rare treat. We wandered along the beach and to the pier where Luce fired off a few snaps.
I’m stupidly excited to see her Australia pictures when she gets back; the perks of your friend being a professional photographer.
As the clouds started to burn off, we found ourselves a quiet spot in the sand and set up camp. Half an hour or so of heating up and it was time to brave the sea. I had warned Lucy that it was going to be cold, but there was still a little shriek as she dipped her toes in.
Despite the cool waters, we both ducked under and had a splash around – hat and all.
There’s nothing my hat can’t do. I love my hat.

Luna Park

Luna Park – still terrifying.

Brunch was always on the cards, and after we’d suitably dried off, we wandered to Acland Street to find somewhere to eat.
As we were walking along, I felt like there was somewhere I’d been meaning to bring Lucy, niggling in the back of my mind, unable to retrieve the name of the brunch hole, I wandered along, somewhat distracted.
After passing a third cake shop, I was about to give up when we reached Abbey Road.
“This is it! This is exactly it! We’re going here.”

Mimosa, mi-mostly enjoyed together

Mimosa, mi-mostly enjoyed together

Breakfast cocktails and eggs Benedict, we left soggy patches on the seats and headed back to the beach.
After a few more hours sunning ourselves, we retreated back to the flat, eager for a nap, a shower and a plan for the evening.
I thought today would be the perfect time to introduce Lucy to the Lucky Coq and it’s $4 pizzas.
Because: $4 pizza.

We met Sophie and headed to the Lucky Coq.
I had the perfect Hipster night planned.
Lucy Coq, Somewhere and then…well there wasn’t really an ‘and then’, but you don’t always need an ‘and then’.
Mason jar cocktails, tequila shots, pizza and rum.
Birthday well spent.

Birthday drinks, shiny faces, happy people

Birthday drinks, shiny faces, happy people


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