Brunswick Street

Lucy being here has meant there’s a whole new world of recommendations and places to see, things to do, coffee to drink and food to eat.
Having friends who had previously lived, or visited Melbourne meant she’s armed with ‘local’ knowledge and despite living here for 3 months, I’ve realised I’ve not perhaps done as much exploring as I should – with work taking up a lot of my time, I tend to venture closer to home.
The sheer scale of Melbourne is another daunting prospect. We’ve just about got our heads around the city and Chapel, but anything in a different direction leaves us umming and ahhing about whether it’s ‘too far’.
I cannot wait until I can drive.

Today, however, armed with our Lonely Planet guides, we headed out to Fitzroy to see Brunswick Street, find a nice spot for coffee and do some travel planning.

Classic spot of vandalism

Classic spot of vandalism

I always get a thrill when I head the ‘other way’ on a tram. There’s still something exciting about heading out into the unknown, despite my irrational fear of public transport (getting lost, looking like a tourist, missing my stop, pulling the cord too soon, falling asleep), it always feels like so much more of an adventure when there’s someone there with you.

We wandered along Brunswick Street, stopping for pictures and to marvel at the street art.
Caffeine crash imminent and our weary legs tiring from the walk, we found a place called Hammer and Tong to duck in and refuel.
After setting up camp and pouring over my Lonely Planet guide, I was delighted to find Hammer and Tong as a recommended place to visit.
Post it notes, red pen, highlighters and a mocha (which was a little disappointing, I have to say…) and we’d begun to plan our mini adventure in Sydney.

Lucy starting work on her Australia scrapbook

Lucy starting work on her Australia scrapbook

Cracking piece of street art

Cracking piece of street art

It’s lovely wandering about with Lucy. I love watching her take photos. I always forget to use my camera: I’ve got so used to only taking photos of ‘important’ things, but everything is important, they’re all memories, and I don’t have to keep them.
Snap first, delete later.
More wandering, looking, admiring.
Getting hungry.
Walking back up Brunswick Street, I saw a sign for ‘Naked for Satan’ – I can’t tell you where I’ve heard the name before, but I knew it was somewhere I wanted to go.
We strolled in and headed straight up to the rooftop bar; stunning views of the city, a lovely sunny day and absolutely delicious food. Tapas style, the portions seemed small, until you started getting stuck in.
The olives were so plentiful I ended up taking most of them home to whack in salads for the rest of the week.
Inside was much like ‘As You Like It‘ or ‘The Butterfly Cabinet‘ – typically hipster, but in a welcoming, way.

Enjoying our food on the roof. Getting the lift up to the top a lovely novelty.

Enjoying our food on the roof. Getting the lift up to the top a lovely novelty.

Delicious tapas style food

Delicious tapas style food

After having our fill we decided to head home – still not sure what the evening would hold, but knowing we were beginning to flag.
A few weeks of restless nights, journey’s and adventure, for both of us, was really taking it’s toll. It was definitely nap time.
I still find it hard to pay attention to the side of the street I’m on, there’s so much to see, I don’t think it’s the scale of everything, so much as the high streets looking completely different to what I’m used to, but I love walking on ‘the other side’ every now and then, to pick out places and views I’ve missed day to day.
As we headed up the other side of the street we saw this hotel. I don’t know why, but I absolutely loved it.
Falling apart slightly, well worn on the edges, called ‘Perseverance Hotel’ – it’s living it’s name.
I immediately had to stop and capture a snap.

Perseverance Hotel - living it's name

Perseverance Hotel – living it’s name

Walking back up the other side also meant we caught this chubby little chappy.
Naturally, I had to pose with him.

Well, I couldn't pass up the chance to pull a silly face.

Well, I couldn’t pass up the chance to pull a silly face.

I’m always going to be biased towards Chapel – it’s the first street in Melbourne I feel I really knew, but there’s a few nice looking places along Brunswick I’m going to have to head back to.
Lots of delicious looking cakes and a highly recommended veggie restaurant.
Until then, it’s another one off the list!


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