A&A: Short Hair, Smooth Legs and Something Sexy

I’ve been a bit tardy this week with my A&A: all will be explained in next week’s update. But here, better late than never, are my Awkward and Awesome moments of the week (proper pics to follow)

My awkward this week is all about Lydia. She has hair like mine, only slightly bigger and blonder and longer – cue hours of wasted energy on hair envy, but overall, it was nice having a hair soul sister. We both have the same glasses and there’s been a few times when people have commented we look like sisters (or in one drunken guys case, twins…)

Lyds' hair in all its huge glory

Lyds’ hair in all its huge glory

A run of hot weather, swimming, gymming, general humidity levels leading hair to grow four times it’s normal size and the constant low level threat of not being Hipster enough to live on Chapel meant Lydia decided it was time to go for the chop. The hair was going. Ever the thrifty (stingy) opportunist, I jumped at the chance save Lydia $100 or so and to utilise my hairdressing skills, that were obviously passed on from my Mother – who is a trained and qualified hairdresser – genetically. We were doing it. I sent her upstairs to brush her hair to I could have a look at it, before getting her to wash it, to make it easier to ‘deal’ with. I grabbed the kitchen scissors and ran upstairs, brandishing them. “How’s it looking? I’m ready!” I flexed the scissors in a chopping motion a few times as Lydia looked at me, eyes widening in horror. “You know what, I think I don’t want to do it anymore.”

New hair means a celebratory glass of wine! Naturally.

New hair means a celebratory glass of wine! Naturally.

Living it large post Australian Open with a cute little pony tail. Still got that hair envy...

Living it large post Australian Open with a cute little pony tail. Still got that hair envy…

Long story short, she sneaked off to the hairdressers and had a professional deal with her mop. Turned out absolutely gorgeous, although there are still little pangs of sadness that I didn’t get to lop it all off myself. Turns out I’ve still got hair envy…

The awesome this week, is once again, two fold and though it pains me slightly to say it, entirely material based. First things first, we need to talk about Frank. The new guy in my life. I was lamenting about exfoliators, having run out of Soap & Glory a while ago and not being able to find anything as good. She said I had to ‘Frank’. An internet search and little browsing later and I’d bought myself a bag of the coffee and citrus original scrub. It arrived this week.

Are you ready to Frank?

Are you ready to Frank?

I could barely contain myself, I epilated my legs and then hopped straight into the shower to give myself a good scrubbing. I can not speak highly enough of Frank. I love coffee anyway, but the citrus notes and the oils and you scrub and you get all dirty, which in itself feels great and then you’re so smooth and soft and smell amazing afterwards!
And just when I thought the day couldn’t get any better: my naked rowers calendar arrived.
365 days of perving. Thanks so much Warwick.


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