A&A: New Year, New Mug, Busted Nose

Generally speaking, this week has been a pretty slow week.
Everyone was in the post Christmas no-man’s land between Christmas and New Year’s celebrations.
I’m not back at work just yet, Lydia was with her family while they’re still visiting, the boys were in Sydney and I hadn’t seen much of Louisa.
I’m not adverse to doing things on my own, but a lot of the really touristy stuff I want to do, I want to do with someone.
That being said, I’ve picked out my awkward and awesome moments for the week.



“No blood, no tag”

Anyone who knows me, knows how accident prone I am.
A cursory glance at this blog and you’ll see that within 2 months of starting my new life in Australia I’d managed to seriously hurt myself again.
The face however, is a new one.
My week started off with a sleepover at my good friend Megan’s, which included a trip to the aquarium with the girls (very nearly my awesome). It had started to rain as we were leaving, so Phoenix Park was out, but we drove past a playground on the way home that the girls liked the look of, so we stopped off to play. I was only having a potter about, my main concern being my shoulder, not wanting to dislocate it again, I wasn’t running full pelt at anything and only clambered about the park with half the excitement I was feeling inside.
At some point, someone suggested a game of tig.
I’m known for being competitive.
I’m known for getting too excited and hurting myself.
I’m known for being accident prone.

I was running up the slide away from Tristan (Megan’s husband), who with at 6 foot something cheats with a lot of extra height, tagged me.
I was now it and clocked Cam, the 6 year old at the top of the slide.
Target acquired I ran as fast as I could up the slide, giving it a little extra to get up the final slope and then suddenly: CRUNCH!
A slow burning pain that started off bad and just got even worse flooded across my face and I looked down into my hand to see it full of blood.
Reputation preceeding me, Meg wasn’t too quick to see what the trouble was, assuming I’d just bumped my head a little bit and the girls were over exaggerating.
She climbed up the ladder, laughed and took this photo. Classic Aussie.
To be fair it was hilarious.

I was just glad I didn’t destroy my teeth or my new sunglasses.

Still hurts though.
Still waiting to see if it’s broken.


I'm committed to the place now...

I’m committed to the place now…

My awesome comes in the form of a little retail therapy.
I’d gone into the city with Lydia and her little bro, because trundling about shopping on a 40degree day seemed like the most sensible thing to do.

On one of the stands in the market I found this ‘I heart Melb’ shirt and had to get it.
I’m definitely going to cut the collar off (as I do to most of my shirts), but I’m debating sewing the sleeves rolled or cutting them off – either way some modification is going to be done.

Secondly: I drink a lot of coffee.
Like, a lot.
I have a coffee on the go right now. I love the stuff.

Black. Strong. Sometimes sweet depending on how I’m feeling.
(No, not how I like my men…well…no, we won’t go there)

I’d been thinking about getting my own mug for a while, instead of using the ones at the flat, but it seemed like a huge commitment to staying.
I didn’t even have a mug at work, where 50% of my day involved making coffee.
However, when we were in Typo (my new favourite shop, it’s sort of like the Australian equivalent of Paperchase), I found this mug with an ampersand on it and I couldn’t resist.
After quotation marks and ellipses, ampersands are my favourite pieces of grammar and possible the next grammar tattoo I’m going to get, but there’s other little ones I want done first, so in the mean time, this fulfilled my ampersand lustings and cemented one fact very clearly in my mind: I’m here to stay.

Talking to Rory he said it was like buying an engagement ring for a country.
I think I’m ready for that kind of commitment.
In any case, my coffee already tastes better.


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