Queen Victoria Night Market

I’d been to the Queen Vic market before.
Louisa works in a cafe at the market so Lydia and I often pop down at the weekend to pick up some veggies and drop in to say hello to her.
It’s a great place to grab a bargain and there’s a t-shirt stall with printed vest tops that we absolutely adore.
That’s in the day.
At night it’s a different story.

Every Wednesday during the summer, the Queen Vic market opens late and is filled with a plethora of food stalls, gift shops, hair feathers, buskers, noise and music and life.
This week was extra special as it was half way through Melbourne Music Week, meaning there was a huge stage at the back of the market for live music.

Lydia enjoying her potato stick

Lydia enjoying her potato stick

We left quite late.
As it was the night market, we reasoned leaving as it was getting dark would be the best cause of action, forgetting that we live in Australia now and it doesn’t start getting dark until close to 9.
With the market closing by 10pm as we got there everything was beginning to wind down, but it was still an amazing assault of the sense.
Sights, sounds, smells, people. So many people.
It was slightly overwhelming to be honest and with such a choice of food available, we weren’t entirely sure where to start.
In the end, we’d seen countless people walking around with large sticks of something twisted on them and we were intrigued enough to want to eat them ourselves.
It turned out they were potatoes on a stick and absolutely delicious – if a little over seasoned.

T-shirt from my favourite shop at the market, caught with my mouth full of potato!

T-shirt from my favourite shop at the market, caught with my mouth full of potato!

Vowing to return most Wednesday’s over the summer to make the most of what we didn’t manage to try this time (namely donuts and sangria) we wandered around the stalls, marvelling at the array of choice.
From candles to kangaroos, jewellery and clothes, tat and quality all thrown together.
And feathers. Lots of feathers.
I treated myself to some new hair feathers – sacrificing my hair wrap, still clinging on from Boardmasters in August – and vowed to go back for more – you can never have too much stuff in your hair.

My new hair feathers - beads and all!

My new hair feathers – beads and all!

All in all, it was fantastic and we really must go back again – there’s so much to see, everywhere you turn there’s something to catch your eye.
I even bumped into a friend from work (in the hair feather stall), it was really nice to see people I knew in the city.
Melbourne is really starting to feel like home.


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